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Fri, Jul

Kolton Woods is a 2020 graduate of Fruitport High School and is going to be attending Valparaiso University to get a degree in Broadcast Meterology.  He's been doing weather on his own for a while and he's been awesome enough to join the Muskegon Channel to bring us our own daily weather!  We get our own forecast and Kolton gets to begin building his portfolio for a career down the line!  Everyone wins! 

Wasn't too long ago, I jumped in the car with Mrs. O to head over to the Fruitport Graduation Parade where the kids got their diplomas and sent along their way.  There wasn't a plan for anyone to video tape the ceremony, so since by marriage, I am a Trojan too, I grabbed a camera and thought "I'll set this up and roll tape.  Give the kids something to look back on, someday maybe."

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