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Andy and Dave Daily

Summer....got a little more fun on the Lakeshore this year with the announcement today of the 7 Steps Up Summer Sessions Concert Series at the beautiful new Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium in Grand Haven.  Opening the series this season will be Los Lonely Boys on July 1st and July 18th the super sounds of the 70's with Poco, Pure Prairie League and Firefall to get your retro vibes going.  Two more shows will be announced as the Summer progresses but the ball is rolling and great show experiences will be growing as the years go by and it's from the dedication of some pretty visionary promoters who brought what come consider one of the most unique live music experiences to West Michigan ever. 

7suFor Tickets to The Summer Sessions Click Here

Gary and Michelle Hanks own 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake and have built a reputation of putting on jaw dropping concerts, for no more than 100 people and change in their intimate setting.  Big names, like John Waite, Johnathan Edwards, Albert Lee and more.  You'll also find up and coming artists and unique bands that break the mold of the "norm".  It's a spot for music adventure, a very up close and personal experience with those who make music and if you've ever been there, you know it's a night you won't son forget.

As they have worked to book their club, they have also grown to book an outdoor concert series as well as music for the Grand Haven Farmers Market and the logical next step is to go a little bigger and the clear spot...Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium.

Seating 2500-3000 at the new spot on the channel in Grand Haven, the new and improved stadium will offer plenty of different uses for occasion.  Maybe it's the fireworks to accompany the Coast Guard Festival, The Musical Fountain or the new Summer Sessions Concert Series, it will be big enough for "large" shows but, it will still feel like the intimate setting that 7 Steps Up has perfected in bringing their shows to the area.  Tickets for any of the Summer Sessions shows will be available at the new 7 Steps Up website and prices will be in line with any tickets for current shows, maybe a little lower even. 

I met up with Gary and Michelle at 7 Steps Up for the big announcement and to talk about their path to getting here.  Take a listen.   


Bring it!  It's a beautiful setting, it's a short drive and it's another reason to celebrate great music on the shore this season or any.  Could they be building to give Meijer Gardens a run for their money?  Time will tell, but the fact is that every music fan comes away a winner with more options to enjoy in spectacular settings.  Gary and Michelle of 7 Steps have put so much heart and soul into growing their venue simply for their love and passion for music.  To see them elevate to bigger productions is a HUGE victory for dreamers who work on passion for what they do, and work tirelessly to give back to all of us.  

ls stadiumPhoto Courtesy Progressive AE