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Andy and Dave Daily

There are several layers here....try to follow along.  There is a venue called 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake, they host Pin Drop Concerts.  The venue is owned by Gary and Michelle Hanks who also have a non profit called Courtyard Concerts which they use to help bolster needs in Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon and more.  They also handle booking music and musicians for a host of other events around the area and if that's not enough their venue is also used for event rentals for everything from weddings to political events!  They are busy people to say the very least.  They are also very community minded and they see things a little differently than the "locals"

7suVisit 7 Steps Up Online

To the Hank's, it's all just one big area the Lakeshore.  A need in Muskegon is equally important as it is in Grand Haven or Spring Lake.  A food pantry might have an emergency need, or there might be a family with an urgent issue. The non profit is there and ready to be of assistance.  But like any non profit, it takes some fundraising, and how better to do that than by what you are best at, booking concerts.  

They take the small, intimate feel of 7 Steps Up and move it outside for a show.  Sunday September 10th Courtyard Concerts presents Seth Glier+Birds of Chicago.  Special guests Jessee Terry and Loren Johnson.  It will be in the courtyard at 116 S. Jackson Street in Spring Lake and the proceeds as you've probably guess by now go to the fund that helps them plug the holes that pop up in the surrounding communities they are surrounded by.  

I caught up with Michelle Hanks at the Grand Haven Farmers Market.  Yes, one of the many places she books music for and we talked a little more about the show and the outreach she and husband Gary operate for the area with Courtyard Concerts.  Take a listen.

Mark it down!  A great way to spend a Sunday in Spring Lake and you'll know that the event goes a little further than some bottome line somewhere.  It will go back into the communities that surround the Hanks family and the people that keep them in business!  I can tell you from personal experience, 7 Steps Up is a one of a kind concert experience, Gary and Michelle are true friends to all of us and to the musicians they serve...they are the biggest advocates that can be found!  If you'd like to check out the show, you can find tickets by clicking the link below!

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