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We live in our own little pocket here.  Honestly, it's not a bad problem to have.  Things are generally safe, we don't see some of the issues the "rest of the world" has to deal with, at least we don't thing we do and quite often it takes one of our own to get out in to the world and come back and bring a realization back that what we think we're protected from, well...it's happening here and now and it's not always under the circumstances we think.  


We're talking about human trafficking, and while the perception of it might be some unmarked van in a parking lot of a mall or supermarket, the reality is it's more often than not a friend of the family or a trusted role model or worse yet, a relative.  We have seen it pop it's head up right here in Muskegon and it's prevalent everywhere.  It's a taboo subject and leaving it swept under the rug does nothing to help bring awareness to it or put a stop to it.

Back to one of our own.  Kayla Green is a 2014 graduate of Mona Shores and went off to Michigan State to study music.  In her time away from home, she found out about the harsh realities of trafficking through her investigating.   Her big dream is to make it into the Detroit Symphony, but on the way...she's also got some plans to put a dent in human trafficking and raise some awareness about this modern day slavery.  Kayla decided that it was up to her to do something...anything to bring a little awareness and hope to the cause and those who are effected by it.  

She grabbed the bull by the horns and organized an event to not only get some information out there, but to help get rid of some of the misconceptions around the problem.  The GrandStand Music Festival is happening at the JW Marriot on Sunday May 5th.  It's from 3p-6:30p and it includes a multitude of different musical styles.  Like hip hop?  You're covered.  Need some violin?  Yup.  There's a little something for everyone and anyone can agree that the cause is so important.  You'll be able to enjoy food and drinks, music and information about the realities of human trafficking.  

Kayla and I met up at The Coffee Factory to talk about her event.  Please note, the event is Sunday May 5th, not Saturday as mentioned in the conversation.  Take a listen.  

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Pretty amazing endeavor.  We've done what we can to help further the cause in the fight against human trafficking on the Muskegon Channel and we'll continue to.  Kayla?  We think there are big things to come from this woman.  She's got her sights set on her future and helping the future of others whom she's never met, and when you combine passion, purpose and the drive she's got......get out of the way.  You can follow the GrandStand Music Festival Facebook page by clicking here.