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Tue, Jul

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We're up to episode 64 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel!  Becky is breaking out the dumbells and putting a little extra weight on the work out to help you tone up and look great!  We're in Ross Park still since the weather is so wonderful and we're blessed with such an amazing area to play in!

As always, plenty of water...warm up...stretch out and consult a physician before you start this or any work out program!  We're off to the park for episode 64!

Look at you!  You look better already!!  We can see through the web.  :)  If you dig it, get a hold of Becky for a little more!  Your choice!  Maybe a group setting at The Gym or possibly a one on one training opportunity.  She does it all!  You can visit her website by clicking below!


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