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Tue, Aug

We're very thankful for the great sponsors we have and we work very hard with them to not only give them the best value for their support, but we also will have them share their expertise in their field when it's valuable information to anyone.  Jason Ryan of State Farm Insurance is incredible with his knowledge in the world of all things that require insurance and all things that might not require it, but you're far better off for having it.  


We've talked auto insurance reform so far, we've talked about homeowners insurance and what most people think is covered and what's not.  This week, it's on to disability insurance.  Like any other insurance, the silent prayer is that you'll never need it.  But should an accident happen and you are laid up either short or long term there are things you need to know in advance and it takes a highly qualified and knowledgeable insurance professional to make sure you have what you need in advance.  Jason is here today to explain the basics, and of course this is general purpose knowledge and any specific needs or concerns should be addressed with Jason or a qualified insurance agent. 

In our conversation today, it's all about what you need to know about making sure that should the worst case scenario happen.  Take a listen to the great advice from Jason Ryan.  


Sound advice and passion for his customers and community to make sure that if you are paying for coverage, you are getting every penny's worth and all of the information you need,  minus the jargon and business speak.  If you need to check out your disability coverage, log or short term, give Jason a call today or visit his website which you can access below.

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As we travel the streets of Muskegon and meet those who share their story and what matters to them, once in a while a connection is made and with that connection comes a little opportunity.  A few weeks ago, we met Michelle Tyson who's got a group going called Taking Back Muskegon.  It's a very grass roots effort working on quite a few things to help neighborhoods, kids and families find resources and places that they can be safe, informed and well, honestly, a community in.  Her passion is strong, her belief in unity for all of us is real and after a few chats behind the scenes, it was pretty clear, Michelle belongs sharing her passions on a little louder platform.

Here we are at the beginning of August and I think the appropriate word would be exhausted.  2020 has been an unprecedented year on so many levels that it's almost impossible to keep on track with the day to day events of life in general let alone the happenings a few weeks or months ago when it came to headline news.  It's been a very trying time on all of us and for some the trials have been even stronger because, here's a little refresher for ya...if you remember back in Spring, Muskegon and surrounding areas were hit hard by flooding and a lot of damage added insult to injury to an already beleaguered community.

Well, you guessed it.  Even Stand Up for the Cure has gone virtual in 2020 and while the togetherness and fun of the day at Ross Park in Norton Shores won't be the orchestrated day of physical activity, awareness, healing, friendship, fun and sand in your toes..among a few other places.  There's nothing or no one who's going to stop Muskegon from doing it's part in the battle against breast cancer, or any other kind of cancer for that matter.  

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