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Tue, Aug

Michigan has 28 community colleges.  They are all very valuable resources to the areas they serve providing students a higher education at a more reasonable price and the ability to usually stay closer to home to work on some of the more basic college things or to get that degree without having to head to a far away university and incur some of the heavy costs associated with the traditional 4 year school.  Individually the community colleges sere their community well, but collectively, they stand as one to accomplish things on different levels and it's that strength that one of our own will be heading up.

We're back with the second installment of our talks with Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance here in Muskegon.  Jason is a terrific sponsor of the Muskegon Channel and he's offered a little of his time every week to explain, in plain English some of the things that insurance coverage means and how it works to protect you and your family in the event you ever need it.  It's one of those areas in today's day an age that's pretty complicated for the average person to understand, so to have an expert like Jason simplify it and make it so people "get it", it's a valuable segment for our audience!

For everything that's booming in Muskegon and everything that still needs some work, one of the most precious commodities that we have as a community is our history.  It's rich.  It's deep and it's celebrated across 9 sites in Muskegon County under the umbrella of the Lakeshore Museum Center.  From the earliest known inhabitants 8000 years ago in the Paleo-Indian hunters, French settlers noting the "Masquigon" river in the 17th century, fur traders, lumber barons, foundry workers, shipping and on... Muskegon has been an anchor point of West Michigan and our history...it's worth preserving. 

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us and no one has been through a bigger wringer than the kids who've had their entire high school experience jolted, jarred, turned upside down and inside out.  For some, it was an early out with some easy online learning, but for others, it was the finish that never really happened and for some like Mia Snowden who've spent a lifetime leading up to the pomp and circumstance, it was certainly not the goodbye that they foresaw all the years they worked to get there.  But....all the years of work by Mia and others still had the payoff that so many seek when it comes to their very bright futures and since we can't see them all on a stage being handed their accolades, well, we found out about Mia and grabbed a little webcam time to talk about one of hers.

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