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Mon, Dec
Andy and Dave Daily

Andy and Dave Daily

December 9th - Weekend recaps.  Andy worked on the Singing Christmas Tree and Dave gets a nomination for parent of the year for showing his 9 year old "Cujo".  Dave says he was "raised on stuff like "Cujo" and says he's "well adjusted"...uh huh".  The US economy added jobs again but Dave says we're over due for an economic slow down.  A North Carolina brewery pulled a beer off the shelf for "sexually suggestive reindeer".  Andy says what a way to get on Ebay.  A monthly lease on pets?  We need a law for that?  Apparently so.  Why do we need to legislate pets?  We shift gears on the idea of legislation toward pets and dip into those who have needed some legislation to protect pets.  Sports...including trip to the "Pinstripe Bowl" for MSU.  WOO!  We debate a bet on the U of M game and we're outta here.

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