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Fri, Jan
Andy and Dave Daily

Andy and Dave Daily

January 24th - Andy's ready to go while our favorite drag queen is doing his make up.  We compare wardrobes quick.  Dave brings up out friend Eric Zane's podcast and we agree it's great and we share some thoughts about displaced media people and how they should do what Eric is doing and what we are doing independently.  We talk Coronvirus and Andy might have found that hidden element that he was afraid of...we'll see if it is real over time.  US Senators are fighting a psychological battle...."Digital Detox" from their lack of being able to use their cell phones.  Oh poor baby!  Catholic Charities of West Michigan broke ground on a new detox center in Muskegon yesterday and Andy explains his view on the essentials of detox in recovery from personal experience.  Dave tells you how to bet on the "Big Game" and tries to lure Andy into his degenerate gambling ways and then....we're outta here!

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