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As we sat it out last year, and "it" meaning all of it, we were all given a chance to see just how important all of the extra added things we love in Muskegon meant to us.  Everything and everyone took a hit when it comes to the events that fill our hearts and our streets..and for some, our pocket books.  It's in the rearview for the most part now and getting back to the fun stuff....well, it's a welcome sigh of relief to everyone.

Mona Shores High School Choir Presents - The 49th Annual Pop Go The Sailors
The first "Pop Go The Sailors" was presented in 1973, started by Mr Skip Frizzell, choir director at that time. Each show since 1983 has been based on one theme, for example 2017 - 'Staches & Lashes, 2018 - That's Entertainment, 2019 20th Century, 2020 - Stay Home, and now in 2021, MIXTAPE. Senior walk off is also included at the end of the performance.

Previously Live June 4th 6:30 PM. Fruitport High School, Michigan, USA.
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June this year will bring a lot of relief to many, especially those who enjoy outdoor activities like a nice round of golf at Chase Hammond June 12th to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore!  Last year, they were able to get one in in the fall, but like most anything else a revised schedule, some spins on what was and what is going to happen have had to be factored in and one thing has remained constant.  The work that Big Brothers Big Sisters does for the kids who need their help as well as the adults that help those kids by being a friend, mentor and just all around awesome individual.

All aboard!  The summer sets sail on the Aquastar with a Muskegon tradition and after 2020 where she sat in port all year, it's time to get back out and get on the water and ask for blessings for safety and fun.  The Muskegon treasure tour ship the Aquastar is ready to usher in the season with the Blessing of the Boats on May 30th at 12:45.  You even have a chance to win tickets by watching the video!

We're back at the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights for and she's going to take a recipe that your mom used to make that took all day and get it done in a matter of minutes!  Soul Filled stuffed bell peppers is what we're talking about and the flavor and taste is as big and bold as ever!  Here we go!

It's been a never ending adaptation of pretty much everything as we've gone through the last year plus.  We've seen the best in some of us, and sometimes the circumstances have pushed us all to who we'd rather not be.  We've had things taken away, we've had things come along we didn't know we needed and as we continue the path to returning to what will be, we're starting to see that some of the things that unite us most carry on and find ways to make sure they continue on safely like the Mercy Health Seaway Run which will be happening in Muskegon in 52 short days.  Race Director Bryan Lambert joins me for a talk about the event.

By now, you know that LaKisha Harris is a master of most everything in the kitchen including how to repurpose leftovers and make them into delicious and incredible dishes the family won't complain about having a second night in a row....because they won't even know they are eating leftovers after today's lesson!  LaKisha is in the kitchen at L'Soul Filled Eatery today showing you how to take a handful of left over ingredients, including dessert stuff and turn them into delicious "egg rolls" that don't have to be your traditional sense of what to expect when it comes to an egg roll.

Every Woman’s Place Cheers and Chocolate Community Crawl finish line featured the Grand Rapids, MI band Brena. The six-member band performed music ranging from oldies, to current hits, classic rock to smooth R&B, country and everything in between on the Olthoff Stage, Downtown Muskegon, MI. Here is the full concert video for replay.

Well, yet another find raising shin dig will be happening virtually this year but if last years Hats and Horses event can repeat what it did for the Pioneer Resources organization of Muskegon, things should be ok.  We've seen quite a few of these typical congregate gatherings have to be held over a series of weeks or online for an evening and they are proof time and time again that when there's a need Muskegon fills it.

We kinda saw it coming when we first met LaKisha Harris about a year ago.  She was a rocket on a lunaching pad and we knew she'd get busy quick.  That was the goal though. Break out contributors doing their specialty, showcasing Muskegon and spreading their wings to fly!  We got all we hoped for and more with LaKisha, but now that her L'Soul Filled Eatery is established and up an running Glade Street in Muskegon Heights....she's back showing us some exclusive recipes!

Marie Cisneros is back for her monthly segment Muskegon By the Stars where she reveals her astrological predictions for the Zodiac signs.  Marie is passionate about all things mystical, unknown, unidentified or that might go bump in the night and her Paranormal Muskegon stories with us have been a fan favorite for a couple of years.  She made mention of the fact that she's well trained in the world of reading horoscopes as well so in January, we began the new segment and like most anything Marie is involved with, the audience seems to enjoy the foresight as well as the entertainment value of the predictions.

It's sort of become a lost art, with the modern day publishing perspective of "less is more" and trimming content back to headlines and as much of a story as can be told in 30 seconds of reading, but here on the Muskegon Channel, some of the old standards you'd find in pretty much any paper are more than welcome and if you take a horoscope seriously or like to just wonder and guess over them, we sure can't go having Marie's talent's sitting idle.

Marie is always open to hearing from others on their paranormal experiences and she's interested in learning more if you've got one to tell.  UFO?  Spook, Spector or Ghost?  Apparition?  They are all in Marie's wheelhouse so if you'd like to share a story, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her direct and let her know!  You could be featured right here on the Muskegon Channel!

For now, your April Astrological forecast with Muskegon By the Stars on the Muskegon Channel.


After a short hiatus, Paranormal Muskegon is back and for our first segment of the year, we visited with Wayne Thomas. Wayne is a producer and host for Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters on “The Whole Picture” Podcast, writer for WKTV Journal and podcaster for Cryptic Frequencies. Wayne was kind enough to have me as a guest on both his shows, so we had a chance to catch up a bit as well as talk about all things paranormal.

It was a labor of love, patience, persistence and above all not giving up on finding a way for the Mona Shores Choir to not be robbed of their "moment" in all that's been the COVID mess that's been going on for over a year now.  The title of the show spoke volumes as the lights dimmed and the fist notes were sung and a "Ripple of Hope" played out in the Mona Shores Athletic Center which is a considerably different setting than the tallest Singing Christmas Tree in America, but what unfolded.....well, it was a "humble, yet victorious" performance and the setting was stunning minus the normal stretch to the ceiling at the Frauenthal Center at Christmas.

Marie Cisneros is our contributor of all things that might have a hint of mystery around them.  You've seen her reports on Paranormal Muskegon and as the New Year unfolded, she has the idea to put her training to use by taking a look at the astrological forecast for the area and developed the idea for Muskegon By The Stars!  We encourage our folks to bring their passions, and in Marie's case, she even puts a little flash on top of it all!  Dressed to kill and ready to deliver, she's got what the stars are holding for you in March.  Take a listen!

The never ending modified events continue as we still manage to take what is near and dear to all of us in Muskegon by the horns and get stuff done.  The big gatherings filled with laughter and cheer are still working angles to fill the gaps and some have even found ways to make what they have done in the past take on a new, larger presence online with how they are extending their outreach past a ball room or event center.  It comes back to the idea that Muskegon takes care of it's own every single time and nothing or no one will get in the way.  We're all Muskegon Strong!

A year ago there wasn't much choice in the matter, we had just had the shoe drop on the pandemic we've been dealing with since and there was a lot of figuring out pretty much everything, everywhere and how we'd all manage.  Like many of the pre-planned events that got caught up in the immediate wash of closures, the Cheers and Chocolate event at the Culinary Institute of Michigan to benefit Every Woman's Place went dark.

What was your first?  Was it baseball cards?  Maybe it was Star Wars that got you going?  Could it have been action figures, movies or doll collections?  Chances are as a kid, you had your hooks into something that was more valuable than gold and on the mean streets of "the playground" if you had the right card, action figure or game....YOU got to be king of the heap!  We've all got memories of what we held dear and we've all seen too how the industry has not only rebooted, it's exploded and being one of those "collector geeks" it's pretty en-vogue now more than ever before.

It's a name local fans are familiar with and a name we've been proud to have join us on a Muskegon Tonight Live in the past too, Chad Flores has been working away at his career even in the "downtime" and with all that work, we thought maybe it would be time to catch up before we're all standing around saying "We knew him when...."

It's Black History Month and a few weeks ago, Muskegon Heights Schools reached out to Chef LaKisha Harris at Soul Filled Eatery and asked if she would be willing to grab a project and run with it for the kids at the school.  Not a second thought had to go into it.  The idea was that she'd take her skills as a Chef, put them to use instructing the students to how to make a recipe for black eyed peas and in the meal kits that go home to the students, they would find the ingredients that were needed to make the recipe and be able to not only learn how to follow the directions, but to try something in the kitchen and, even contribute to the meal.  It was an amazing opportunity to share a little knowledge much further than it would normally go.

Generally, February is a first indicator that Spring is right around the corner, right?  We can all hope.  For as much of a mild winter as we've had by Michigan standards, warmth and outdoors is much needed and the idea that it's coming sooner than later, that's a good thing.  The sun is beginning to set a little later ad night and the Winter Solstice came and went while we were hardly looking.

LaKisha Harris is back at it in the kitchen at L'Soul Filled Eatery!  This time, with a focus on some fun coming up for everyone with a certain football game coming up.  With LaKisha, you will NOT be showing up with a bag of chips and some French onion dip you picked up at a gas station.  No way!  Follow along with the show and the ingredients listed below...and YOU will be the star of any party!

We're back in the new hot spot for warm comfort food in Muskegon Heights, Soul Filled Eatery with Chef LaKisha Harris and today, it's going to be an amazing combo with a little assistance from her assistant and incredible chef in her own right LaToya Blackshire.

If you've spent any time in or around Downtown Muskegon and become a fan of any of the offerings of the food trucks that have been becoming more and more popular, chances are you've been able to spot the wagon that's painted up like no other with the beautiful colors, bold words and overall message of peace and love that's run by Tacitus Nana-Kwesi Yabani.  "Tac" as those who know him refer to him for short moved here from Ghana not so long ago and has since become a fixture of the Muskegon community.  His food is amazing, his character is unforgettable and he's added a little bit of the "old country" into all of our lives with a spirit that is unmistakable and inviting.  To Tac, a stranger is literally a friend he's not met yet and it shows in everything he does.  His vehicle for introductions.... FOOD!

We've been so lucky this year to be able to showcase the incredible talents of our area young people.  With the state of affairs, their hard work over years and years building up to their chance to shine in front of a crowd has dwindled a little but just because the auditoriums can't be filled with the sounds of the season, that doesn't mean that these kids shouldn't be celebrated.  In fact...if they can't be in the local auditorium, let's go all in and put them out there for the entire world to see on multiple platforms, screens of all sizes and let people watch anytime they like.  Take that COVID.  Muskegon ALWAYS finds a way!

Welcome to another visit to the Soul Filled Eatery Kitchen with LaKisha Harris!  The Soul Filled Eatery is located on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights and serves up some of the most delicious meals you can find anywhere along with the warmth and hospitality you'll only find in a place that's dedicated to making you feel at home. The recipes are handed down by the generation, the sense of community is building from her little spot and the people are coming in from all over West Michigan to try what's coming out of the service window.  We've seen plenty of posts from Grand Rapids, Holland and even Detroit where destination diners are heading to Muskegon for a little slice of Soul Filled!

"The Orchard View Show Choir did the "Zoom thing" and they mastered it.  It's as good as you've seen on any of the networks by producers who make a lot more than anyone in schools and the idea behind it all, is to give our local kids a chance to shine, when it seemed that all might be lost to a year that's taken more than it's deserved!  So, as they say, without further adieu... Ladies and Gentlemen...The Orchard View Show Choir!"

"Looking back over the past 10 years was not only fun and rewarding, but it was touching and heartwarming too. Seeing choir students from the past, always singing their hearts out for Muskegon and beyond, was simply wonderful. In the end, we did our best to include here some “fan and student favorites” with the idea of also doing our best to create a balanced and entertaining show. We knew too that we wanted to include at least a few things from this year’s choir, We decided on three auditioned specialty acts and felt including our entire choir, singing our classic “Siyahamba,” would also be most appropriate. "

This week Paranormal Muskegon talked with passed loved-one reader, Remote Viewer, and Seer, Rick Waid. He is the author of “Awakening of a Seer,” and “My Paranormal Journey, One Man’s Obsession.” He agreed to tell us about his ability to “See”, his paranormal work and remote viewing. 

Got a little Tiger Blood running through your veins?  A lot of people do and the name Ronnie Caviness Jr aka "The Slicer" is known for his playing days in a Muskegon Heights uniform as well as his prowess on social media platforms as he inserts a lot of joy in to what he sends out to the audience while he's doing a multitude of things, especially cooking!  He's got some smooth moves that LaKisha will get out of him before it's all said and done, so ladies, stick around not only for the recipe, but some wiggling. 

The Frauenthal Center is easily one of the premiere places in the State of Michigan for any kind of performance.  Being right here in Muskegon we are so very fortunate to have this beautifully ornate place to share some of the most incredible events and memories in, with the exception of 2020 of course when the best we can do is drive by the "Frau" and patiently wait for the day to come once again when the air is filled with music, the smells of the amazing food at Smash! down on the lower level are coming up and the lobby is buzzing with the chatter of friends gathering and catching up.  It will be back, it's a 100% fact.

We have a kindred spirit in Eric Zane.  We've shared similar backgrounds, we've decided that maybe it's a better chance to do what we love working for ourselves instead of a giant company where decisions are made by what's on a spread sheet and we've even spent some times guesting on each others shows to cross promote, have some fun and be a bit of mutual aid to one another.  After all, we're the little guys now when some of the other teams all still have giant transmitters, huge budgets, easier access and of course, the habit of just pushing a button and "there it is".  Yes, being in the digital world means that it takes a little more effort to get in touch with our content, but much like us at the Muskegon Channel, Eric Zane provides a premium product for listeners/viewers and is better equipped to give amazing value to those who sponsor his show.  We love knowing that Eric is only one trench away in the media pit. 

It's been a long and hard year.  No one is overly thrilled about much of anything and way back when in March, when we all first started hearing the messaging about "We're in this Together" we all assumed it would be a short time of inconvenience and once it was over, we'd be back to normal.  Well, March feels like 100 years ago.

2020 is a little "different'.  We are all making do with what we have.  It's not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination for anyone.  We know this though.  This is Muskegon and if you look back over the last block of about 50 years, one thing has proven true time and time again.  We are the one community in all of West Michigan that is better at circling the wagons than anyone.  We are the one community in West Michigan that's better at rolling with the punches than anyone and we are the one community in West Michigan who's ability to be as one when the time comes...it's beyond compare.

You read it right, it's a Soul Filled episode of cooking with LaKisha Harris at Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights, however...since this week isn't exactly about chicken, we've shave this show so you can substitute the other bird that you may have in plenty supply...turkey!  After all, you'll probably have a lot left over and making something other than a sandwich, or hot sandwich, or just picking the turkey off the plate every time you open the fridge because you have to....ya, LaKisha has your back on that and she's doing it with ingredients that will keep the costs under $10! She calls it "Ballin' on a Budget"!

Paranormal Muskegon was back talking with Darren Dykhouse of Lakeshore Paranormal who has been busy chasing down those ghosts; including a late-night visit to historic Stimson Hospital in Eaton Rapids, the Felt Mansion and the Allegan County Jail. We first met Darren last spring when we had the chance to talk with him about the work that Lakeshore Paranormal does in the area.

Marie Cisneros has entertained thousands with her Paranormal Muskegon stories.  She's going to be taking a break from that for a while but...she's sticking around for the horoscope readings that seem to have taken off quickly!!  Starting off 2021 with a look into what's being predicted for you?  Have a listen!!  It's the January 1st Muskegon By The Stars!!

We've been filming at Kitchen 242 since we first met LaKisha Harris.  We had a pretty good idea that she was a rocket about to take off and things got rolling quick.  Like really quick.  She's now got her own place on Glade Street right on your way into town, she can barely make enough food to stay open her posted hours, and true to form, she's using her new found home, and spotlight to bring others right up with her!

Hope Project USA is the front line for victims of human sex trafficking in West Michigan. learn more or donate at HopeProjectUSA.org, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Text 231-750-7250 for a donation envelope.

It is time again for the City Of The Dead! In Muskegon, that means in addition to the usual pumpkin carving, candy corn and costumes; a walk through Muskegon’s historic Evergreen Cemetery is in order. But there is nothing to fear, unless you didn’t like history class. No worries; no pop quizzes afterwards. Paranormal Muskegon met up with my friend, Bruce Froelich at the cemetery located on Keating Street, Muskegon, Michigan to tell us all about the City of the Dead. Evergreen Cemetery is one of Muskegon’s oldest cemeteries and is the resting place of many of Muskegon’s most prominent historical individuals.

Trick or Treat Yo'Self!
Five Hauntingly Good Foodie Finds in Muskegon
18th Amendment Spirits Co. – 350 W. Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

We all want the good stuff!  But the good stuff sometimes might be a little bit out reach for some of us.  Things like shrimp and salmon and all of the other rich foods the sea has to offer are delicious and healthy, but they often come with a price tag that might squeeze ya out and then, you're back to eating fish sticks.

Well, LaKisha Harris is here to show you the work arounds and how to make your buck go a little further for some of the deliciousness but she's also going to save you some serious time and get it all done and out in under 10 minutes!  Save time and money and eat the good stuff?  She's got the key and she's also going to share a story with you about her journey to become a chef.  It could be one of those type stories that is all how after culinary school she went on to be a Sous' Chef some where and on and on, but you're going to get the raw and real LaKisha and learn just why she's so passionate about her craft and why she share's the way she does!

It's less than 10 minutes so buckle up and let's go!  Seafood on a budget with Chef LaKisha Harris of L'Soul Filled Eatery on The Muskegon Channel.


Get to it! Treat your family to a delicious seafood dinner that's quick, affordable and so simple the kids could make it themselves!  You'll find the recipe below and you'll also find the Grand Opening of L'Soul Filled Eatery coming soon, so stay tuned for details right here on the Muskegon Channel!  

soul filled png



LSoul 20 Minute Seafood



Paranormal Muskegon recently visited with Angel expert, Frank Graham via Zoom who shared some fascinating insight into the subject of Angels, both good and bad and we could not have asked a more learned person on the subject. Frank has done extensive research on Angelology, the Elements, Humours of the body, Spiritual theory, spiritual philosophy, spiritual geometry, and spiritual physics, practical spiritual energy application, protection, demonology, ancient mythology, and the Hermetica. He has taught for The Lansing Center for Astrological Studies and is a certified a master crystalogist through Melodies crystal healing course. He gives lectures as well as hold classes on the elements, humours of the body for energy healing, crystals and stones, herbs, metals, animal totems, the pentagram in regards to spiritual dimensional reality; the angelic hierarchies, the kabbalah, and astrology. In this in-depth and fascinating interview, he discussed the origins of angels; their origins, hierarchy, and types; including when, how and to what extent they interact with humans.

We love to get behind a great cause here in Muskegon and with all of the world kinda scratching their heads about how things work, where things are happening and how they are going to keep the funding coming for their vital causes, we've had a chance to play a small role in them and we're more than honored to do just that. 

It's getting dark a little earlier, there's a little bit of a crisp feel to the air, the calendar just turned to October and before we get invaded by the pumpkin spice crowd, let's not forget just what comes out of Michigan, especially West Michigan this time of year, APPLES!

Hey everyone; Marie Cisneros with Paranormal Muskegon, reporting with the latest excursion into the mysterious side of Muskegon. Today, Paranormal Muskegon went monster-hunting. Well, kind of. Actually we were at the Lakeshore Museum, 430 W. Clay in Muskegon, Michigan and talking with Shetan Noir; who is well-versed on the subject of lake monsters and paranormal mysteries. We figured it was safer that way. It’s hard enough looking to see if there are monsters under the bed than looking for Lake Monsters in our own without some expert advice. The Lakeshore museum was gracious enough to open their doors for our talk, with their life-like and colorful prehistoric marine animal exhibit in the background.

Morat's Bakery is launching unique donut features and introducing new concepts that have not been done before. Morat's continues to push the envelope with new ideas and flavors. Dan Castle, co-owner of Morat's Bakery stated that, "We have been reading that people are starting to look for unique and wild ideas. Today, we confirmed that we will be working with another locally owned business, and will create a mash up of donuts that Muskegon has not tasted before. This is a completely new approach to donuts." Dan also mentioned another project where Morat's will team up with a local brewery to bring a donut flavored beer. 

We're back in the Kitchen!  It's Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market with Chef LaKisha Harris of L'Soul Filled Catering and very soon, the Soul Filled Eatery in Muskegon Heights as she's out to answer the age old debate on how grits should be served...savory or sweet. 

When we think of cooler temperatures and fall weather, we typically think of football, sweater weather, and plaid shirts. However, for foodies like me, fall weather means pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider donuts, and comfort food. By definition, comfort food is "food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its high carbohydrate level or simple preparation." Pasta came to mind when I thought of the perfect fall comfort food. I was able to sit down with Jeff Church, the Lead Chef and Owner of Nipote's Italian Kitchen, to highlight a couple of their comfort dishes.

Who wouldn't love to frolic a little?  Let's be honest, we could all use some frolic.  Well, one of the groups in Muskegon that's synonymous with the amazing ability we always show to make sure the needs of those a little less fortunate than us are met are inviting you to do just that with a fun, themed virtual fundraising event centered around the Orient Express and that organization we're talking about is the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce of Muskegon!

I had a chance to sit down with the founders of "Making Waves Muskegon" to highlight a goodie box that features locally sourced products.

You're in a pinch, you need to show up with dessert and you want to make a splash!!  It's a panic situation and this isn't one of those occasions when you can just be there with a cake from the store....you need creativity, beauty and delicious taste!  Chef LaKisha Harris from L'Soul Filled Catering is here to the rescue!  

"Unprecedented Times".  If we each had a nickle for every time we've heard that since March, we'd have the National Debt paid off, we'd all be driving Corvettes and lighting fat cigars with $20 bills.  Unprecedented times has meant a lot of things to a lot of people and generally, it's not been favorable however.  It has been a call to action however and a plea to all of us to come together to try and face an enemy we can't even see and that has left it mark on the lives of all of us in one way or another.  Some have been sidelined, some have gotten busier than they ever imagined.  Some, quarantined.  Some forced out into circumstances they would rather not be in.  The other phrase we've heard to ad nausea-um..."We're in this together".  But when isolated and pressed into situations that are so extreme, it sure feels like a one man ordeal.  Out of all of it, the importance of capturing what's happened...well, it's a thought that the artistic among us grabbed, and now, it's on display at City Center Arts in Muskegon. 

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." Who else can relate to this quote? For those that know me, know that I have a sweet tooth. When a friend of mine tagged me in a social media post by Yummy Delights LLC, I knew I had to pay them a visit. The post featured one of their popular desserts, which was a fruity pebble covered New York style cheesecake slice. Yum!

We're back at Kitchen 242 in Downtown Muskegon with LaKisha Harris from L'Soul Filled Catering and she's about to put down something you can't imagine!  We're talking Vegan recipes and before you even think about clicking on another page or not watching this video, I am going to stop you right there and help you avoid a mistake.  Don't let the word vegan get you thinking you're in for some bland, tasteless bean filled protein something or another....you're about to get hit with flavor and texture you can't even imagine until you try it.

Learn how to make a delightful Quinoa Salad with Chef Meg

LaKisha Harris shows you some amazing soul food as she whips up some "Get Yo Man Chicken" with flair and style.

Chef Char continues to show you delicious ways to use your fresh pesto sauce including this incredible chicken pasta pesto recipe.

Chef Wanda Liddell of Dominion Kingdom Catering shares an incredible recipe that will be featured at Taste of Muskegon 2020.

Becky Biesiada of West Michigan Meal Prep shows off one of her signature dishes -  breakfast egg bakes.

Chef Meg teaches you to make an amazing grilled fruit salad.

Learn how to make this wonder Pulled Pork Sandwich at home with Chef Meg.

Creme Brulee is always delicious! Chef Meg shows us how to make it at home.

Learn how to cook authentic Ghanaian food with Abeshi Ghanaian Cuisine.

Colleen Nowacki from What's Your Jam shows off a delicious appetizer made with her artisan jams!

Colleen Nowacki of What's Your Jam uses her artisan jam to make a delicious pineapple shrimp dish.