They call themselves a "small but mighty" non profit organization in Muskegon, and like a lot of our non profits, they can use a hand here or there getting the word out about what they do and why, and when there's a fundraising event on the horizon, there's really no better time to stop in for a visit and catch you up on the mission and the purpose.  Mediation and Restorative Services is celebrating 30 years of peacemaking this year, and in July there's going to be a Through the Decades party to help bolster the funding for the work they do! 

We've been a proud part of the push for the Grand Haven Rib Fest for a while because taking care of those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for all of us is the right thing to do.  Add in the fact that this is the largest event for the VFW Post 2326 in Grand Haven and as they have built and grown this baby, they have become one of the more predominant activities on the West Coast of Michigan with not only the BBQ competition itself, but the entertainment and the "beverage" tent that has no cost to get into and we all know one is good.  

A very happy Sunday to you!  Jodi is here with her BFF Paula Smith and they are talking about a fun way to engage your dog and spend quality time together, dog rodeo!  It's brand new, it's super cool and there are opportunities for you and your pet coming up.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Must Love Dogs and Clock's Timeless Pets. 

It's been a couple of weeks getting going.  Like any new endeavor and major shift in life to get things where you want them is the key and then to get the word rolling out about the place is the next step.  The Black Lotus Tavern in Holton has the renovations complete, the food is dialed in and there are some extra surprises you'll find there too.  Up till dinner time it's a very family friendly setting and as the evening continues, there's a great new party spot on 120 with live music, an outdoor patio and a new staff waiting to meet you and show off what's been created.

The stage at the Frauenthal is a revered space for anyone to walk out on. The historic theater is filled with memories and lore and houses the memories of so many from those who went there to see movies for a dime to those who have performed in a local or national production.  When our local students get to be on that stage, I often wonder if they understand just how incredible of a step they are taking when they take it.  They might be caught up in the moment at the time, but I know this too.  They will once day look back and say "I performed there".  So will be said by the North Muskegon Choir students after this weekend and you're invited.

Not long ago, we introduced you to Ken Lepere and talked about his first musical production The Neil Diamond Legacy.  He put the show together with local Muskegon musicians and debuted the show at the Frauenthal Center in March of 2022.  Since, the show has gone on to play all over Michigan and even out of state.  A cover band?  No way.  It's a show on par with what you'd find at a resort or a casino.  It's an evening filled with music done to perfection, visuals and staging that set the mood and above all, it pushes musicians to be better and work in ways they might not be normally accustomed to.  Branch out from their normal gigs and let their talents shine in more than one format.  The Neil Diamond Legacy show is established, and like any developer, it's time to grow.  Next up?  The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya, debuting at the Frauenthal Center on June 6th.  There's a mission behind this show too.

A night out to enjoy some laughter and fun with friends is always a welcome distraction.  If you can make that an evening of purpose while you're enjoying the laughs, it's all the better and this coming Friday night, April 12th at the Overbrook Theater at Muskegon Community College, you'll get to do just that.  Marty Simpson is bringing his dry, but clean comedy stylings to Muskegon for one show only and the benefit the Life Long Learning Fund.

​On this week's extended version of the Dog Blessed show, Jodi was honored to have Dog Master Sherri Davis and Executive Producer Owner, trainer of Diesel aka REX from the show “Hudson and Rex”. If you are not familiar with this show it is not only Jodi’s favorite show, it is an action-packed one-hour police, detective drama focused on the partnership between detective Charlie Hudson and his partner Rex on City TV and in America UPTV.  When Jodi contacted Sherri, the TV show was not the only purpose Jodi had in mind.

One of our favorite organizations in the area is Pioneer Resources.  From their website - "Pioneer Resources began as an unincorporated association of parents and educators in the late 1940s, operating as Pioneer School and providing special education and therapy. In 1955, the agency became a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation called Western Michigan Center for Handicapped Children, Inc. As special education and mental health services grew and expanded in the public sector, the organization evolved into Pioneer Resources, Inc.  Today, the agency offers a diverse array of individualized supports for persons with disabilities as well as seniors."  That's the official word, but the reality is that Pioneer Resources brings a quality of life, independence and joy to those who would otherwise go without and the ripple effect through the community is a gift that money can't buy.

The final curtain call was made and the experience filled a bucket or two!  Our old buddy Olaf, who was once a shelter dog, made his way into the world of entertainment yet again with his stage debut in "Annie" at Muskegon Catholic Central last weekend and there are hearts aglow all over from the experience.  Not only has Olaf become a star of the small screen here on Dog Blessed, but he's delighted more with his ability to adapt to new experiences and learn new things in a fairly quick fashion.  Jodi explains how it works this week on Dog Blessed. 

It's been too long.  With the return of an airshow last year, Wings Over Muskegon proved that the fans of flight in West Michigan will come out in droves to be a part of the spectacle of aviation.  It had been nearly two decades since the closure of the former festival and a lot was riding on the turn out of the attendees last year.  Fans spoke loudly and with great excitement and the return of the show was a success.  With that, after a week or two of settling it up and seeing what was to come, year two began planning almost instantly.  With year two....a chance to bring in some more cool acts for the sky and an amazing opportunity to bring back another Muskegon favorite, Yard Sale Underwear.