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  Muskegon Tonight Live! June- A monthly local talk show convering a variarity of local interest - was held on 6/27/19 Downtown Muskegon at Smash! Winebar & Bistro in front of live audience.


Local Interest with Andy and Jeremy - 0:00:00   Ann Meisch / Muskegon 150th Celebration - 0:39:00
Dave Alexander / Downtown Muskegon Now - 0:09:10   Freak Your Geek Out - 0:54:00
Brandon Baskin / Muskegon Rockstock - 0:25:00   Nicole Kary / Public Speaker - 1:03:00


  Our first guest was Dave Alexander, executive director from Downtown Muskegon Now and a veteran news reporter. Andy and Dave discussed about changes in the local media, the development in the downtown area of the recent years, and how the new downtown is conceived. Secondly we had Brandon Baskin, the brain behind Muskegon Rockstock,  to talk about the event this year - The biggest Rockstock to date with some heavy weight headliners such as Tantric, Saliva, Trapt and Puddle of Mudd on the main stage, and also the carnival that is going with it side by side at the Heritage Landing. We are not sure when was the last time there was a 70 foot ferris wheel set up in front of of the lake and we are excited about it. Next up was Ann Meisch - City Clerk, we talked about the City of Muskegon 150th Anniversary Celebration, the origin and the 3 day concert series including artists such as Freddie Jackson, Gretchen Wilson and Kansas in the following week end right after Rockstock at Heritage Landing. We also talked about the free Community Gathering (everyone is invited) on the 13th from 12 - 3 PM before the last of the concert series where Bret Michaels and Warrant come on to the stage that night. To complete our show was our last guest Nicole Kary - a familiar face to many in town, a local public speaker whom suffer from cerebral palsy at birth, for that she can not walk or talk. She communicate with a device that is controlled by her eyes, and she told us her story.

  Every show we have a per-recorded segment called "Freak Your Geek Out", we travel around to show off local people's collections of things, literally - anything. This month we had Lyn Porter , a "Block head", with her impressive variety of New Kids On The Block collectables that she have collected for over 30 years. If you have any collection that you would like to show off, contact us or Jeremy DeWitt directly. Thanks to the generosity of Rockstock and the City of Muskegon, we have handed out about 8 sets of tickets to both up coming events during the show, congratulations to all the winners. For more information visit https://www.celebrate150.com/ , https://downtownmuskegon.org/ , Nikki Kary Public Speaker, http://www.qtstamping.com/