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It was an awesome night in Downtown Muskegon!  The Frauenthal Center seemed to be the focal point with the US Coast Guard Band playing a huge and patriotic concert upstairs and Muskegon Tonight Live happening in the lower level of the building at the delicious and intimate setting of the Smash Wine Bar and Bistro!

Sure the July episode happened on the 1st of August, but July is a very busy month in Muskegon...so to have an extra week to exhale with all the July events going on didn't seem to matter to anyone. 

We talked about the Muskegon County Veterans millage that's up for renewal with Michael Baauw.  How they manage to provide more services to our veterans with less money than bigger counties and how the amount of the millage has not gone up in 25 years.  We also had some fun talking about the Burning Foot Beer Festival coming up at Pere Marquette in August, Allen Serio is the event director and came by with some free tickets and the North Muskegon Family Fun Fest is coming up quick!  North Muskegon City Clerk Lee Ann Clausen come on to talk about the events and fun for everyone! Here's the show in it's entirety if you missed it!  We had a great crowd and a great time!


It was all done in an hour! (We're known to run over a little) We can't thank our guests enough and Smash is an awesome setting for such a great show!  We are however thinking that we might shake it up a little...stay tuned for some details on that...in the meantime...if you'd like to know more about what's going on with any of our guests, visit them at https://www.co.muskegon.mi.us/ , https://burningfoot.beer/ ,  and http://www.northmuskegon.org/