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Parties in the Park Wraps Up Season 35 This Friday!


Parties in the Park!  Our weekly Summer gathering spot wraps up the 35th season of fun this coming Friday August 23rd.  It's been an awesome season once again of making the best use of our centrally located urban paradise.  Pretty much, every week, all Summer long the beer flows, the chat ensues, music is played, friends are caught up with and we all kind of exhale after a long week of making Muskegon happen.  But like just about anything in Muskegon, we've found a way to add purpose to the party and give back through a good time and make a difference for some of our area organizations who do for others. 

PITP logo Color Horizontal 300x149 leadVisit Parties in the Park OnlineYes, every week at Party in the Park, a different non profit is selected to help run the show and reap the rewards of the gathering.  The non profit pitches in with the set up, serving and clean up while the board of directors for Party in the Park takes care of things like sponsorship's, booking the bands, renting the port-a-johns etc.  It's a pairing that ends up making a difference for a lot of very worthy causes over the Summer, and a great way to give back.

As we approach the finale, they have really gone all out on the big finish.  This Friday, Parties in the Park is welcoming a national name!  Laith Al-Saadi was a finalist on NBC's "The Voice" and has numourous tour credits to his name.  Big names too loke Bob Seger, BB King and more.  He's bringing a brand of Blues/Rock that Muskegon will absolutely LOVE and sticking with Parties in the Park tradition...won't cost you a penny to get in an see the show!

I met up with Tracie Kuhn who's a member of that committee who helps pull it all together.  Take a listen to our chat about this staple of life in Muskegon as it gets set to sail into the sunset with a bang this season!

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A good time for all!  We in Muskegon have to figure out innovative ways to make things happen.  What better way than to utilize our centerpiece every week, all Summer to gather as a community and enjoy the company?  As one season closes, another is planned for and the 2020 season of Parties in the Park should be bigger, and better than ever thanks to the dedicated committee and amazing groups that come together to remind us all, that we really are one big giant neighborhood here in Muskegon.  If you'd like a sampling of Laith's music, please follow the link under his picture to visit his website