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Fresh Ghost Comedy in Muskegon - Ricarlo Williams - Winston and Friends


Over the last year or so, Ricarlo Williams - Winston has kind of become part of the family here at the Muskegon Channel!  He was our very first comic guest on Muskegon Tonight Live, he helped arrange countless big name comedians to make an appearance with us while he was with the Back Alley Comedy Club in Sherman Lanes and he's also become a great friend and trusted partner.  Ricarlo is a very hard working and dedicated comic, husband, dad and event organizer and not so long ago, he decided it was time to up his game and venture out on his own to start his own career as not only a touring comedian, but a promoter for other comics and promoter of shows, large and small, to help bring a little more laughter to his hometown of Muskegon! 

The new venture is called Fresh Ghost Comedy.  You'll find the shows popping up at different venues in town.  Right now there are scheduled shows at Racquet's and our main spot for Muskegon Tonight Live at Smash Wine Bar and Bistro!  Fresh Ghost Comedy can also handle bookings for private functions like parties, fundraisers and more.  Ricarlo is plugged in really well in the Midwest region and can help find just the right comic for the kind of show you'd like to have!  He's also working to give young comics a shot to get started in what's considered one of the hardest disciplines of entertainment....stand up.  Smaller shows give that guy looking for a few minutes of stage time a chance to get up there and get going, and building a growing future talent is essential in any endeavor. 

Ricarlo and I sat down for a few at Smash Wine Bar and Bistro, and talked a little about the upstart of the business and his future plans to not only infuse some entertainment around town but to make his mark for himself a little and the other comics.  Take a listen!


Boom! Love it!  We started all of what we do with a free blog website and a GoPro camera!  Ricarlo is light years ahead of us and poised to bring a lot of great entertainemnt to Muskegon and a lot of opportunity to venues, comics and fans!  It's been a great working realtionship with Ricarlo and The Back Alley and to add more laughter to the world...a noble endeavor on all accounts!   Stay tuned, the weather is cooling off and comedy season is upon us!  We'll tell you where to get the guffaw's, belly laughs and snickers right here on the Muskegon Channel!