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We'd like to introduce you to a new member of the Muskegon Channel.  In fact, she's so excited to get going, she wrote her own welcome piece.  :)  That's initiative!  
A few weeks ago, the Muskegon Channel was looking for new content, I piped up and said, “How about a Paranormal show"? 
To my great surprise, Mr. Andy O’Riley contacted me and here I am! I am so grateful that he has given me this opportunity to share some of the mysterious happenings around Muskegon with viewers. Because if there is anything I love more than history, odd and mysterious goings on, it’s Muskegon.  
So a little bit about me….I grew up listening to my grandparents stories about mysterious rainfalls, ghosts, and folk tales but my interest in the paranormal and the unknown probably really began at age 13 when I started reading all I could about anything mysterious; ghosts, witches, ESP, telepathy, you name it, if it was mysterious…I wanted to know about it.  It all fascinated me. My interest in UFOs started when I was around age 10 when I first witnessed my first sighting, leading me to work for the MUFON organization and to start my own research company right here in Muskegon
If you have something of a paranormal type about Muskegon you would like to see featured, be it a ghostly sighting, haunting, UFO sighting, or any other strange goings on or phenomenon, let us know because the Muskegon Channel wants to find out! Contact the Muskegon Channel.


Well, there ya have it! Our own member of MUFON working to uncover some of the history and some of the stories that go along with the history of Muskegon.  If you have a story to tell about something that is out of the ordinary in Muskegon, let us know about it!  Marie has some pretty good places to start, but we know there are plenty more.  You can let her know by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a hold of her!