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It's an event that's been building steam and flavor for a few years now.  Tiffany Woods Apartments has been hosting an chili cook off and competition for a few years in their beautiful club house.  It's been well attended by the residents there and every year, a few more pots full of the best secret recipes and family famous chili have come with their game face on to be judged by the blue ribbon panel as well as the attendees of the get together.  


This year, Tiffany Woods wants to go a little bigger and open things up to not only the residents but anyone who thinks their chili is the best there is.  Bring your "A Game" though.  The competition has been tough over the first few years, but with the tough competition, come some pretty big prizes.  In the past, flat screen t.v's, small appliances, gift cards and more...there has been no lack of giveaway's for those who come to compete and to add to the atmosphere, there has always been plenty of snacks and sides to go along with the main dish for those who attend!  You'll also find vendors with some of their items on hand.  Companies who might like to offer you a little something and of course, you'll be welcome to learn more about Tiffany Woods and their beautiful community and amenities on site.  There is one BIG invite too.

For the chili cook off, Tiffany Woods will be opening their indoor pool for the afternoon.  Yes, that's right.  They want you to come in, enjoy a swim and see first hand the club house, fitness center, outdoor bar and fire pit.  Tour the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.  It's a pet friendly complex and their resident focused approach to living will make you feel right at home....right in the middle of everything in Muskegon.  It's a quiet and friendly neighborhood setting in Roosevelt Park and a comfortable community for anyone.

Top prize?  $300 bucks at the moment and maybe growing!  Judges.  Ted Karnitz from the NSFD.  Local entrepreneur, Tony Laskowicz, Owner of Thunderbird Raceway Tom Sprague and more! 

To enter, click on the photo to the right.  It's a direct link.  Please provide your name and contact information.  Or, you can call toll free at 1-844-410-2531 to speak with the office at Tiffany Woods.

Everett Hawkins is the maintenance man and got the chili cook off going 3 years ago, he loves the event and how it brings people together.  Bobbie Jo Pulsifer is the Assistant Manager of Tiffany Woods and they both joined Andy O for a chat about the event and the community....take a listen.

[outdated video removed]

A great time for everyone!  Got the best chili recipe in town and want the win?  If you're a foodie looking to sample some amazing chili, or if maybe you'd like to take Tiffany Woods up on the offer for the open house and the open pool, February 22nd is the day!  Make sure you come out to a great time and be a part of the fun, community event!  To learn more about Tiffany Woods community, click on the photo below!