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It was a great night to celebrate a couple of things.  First, the one year anniversary of Muskegon Tonight Live!  Yep!  January of 2019 we got things underway in the middle of the "Polar Vortex" we were enduring at the time.  Not many people were out doing anything for a good week at the time, but we had a decent crowd turn out for our first episode and outside of the "little teeny tiny" problem Andy had in December, we've made Hometown Hospitality venues our home since!  Both Smash and Pub 111 in Whitehall have been outstanding and we're going to be back all year at both!


And of that "little teeny tiny" problem Andy had...well, that was the subject of January's show.  Andy got hit with a perforated colon from diverticulitis.  No warning signs, no symptons ahead of time to speak of just excruciating pain and an ambulance ride down to an uncertian diagnosis and outcome.  But...with the caring hands of everyone involved, he made it through and invited some of those who helped along the way to talk about Mercy Health, just what diverticulitis is and what causes it, what had to be done to remedy things and what it's going to take to recover completely.  

Our first guest is Gary Allore, President of Mercy Health of Muskegon.  He talks about Mercy's impact on Muskegon county both economically and as a health system.  Next, Dr. Jennifer Bradley of Muskegon Surgical Associates was the Doctor on duty when Andy came rolling in.  She discusses diverticulitis, what causes it...and what it takes to avoid it.  She also discusses Andy's surgery and the outcome and even the "what if's" had Andy not gotten to the hospital when he did.  Alyssa Oney is an RN at Hackley Hospital and come in to talk about her life as a caregiver and her 4th floor days and night and finally, from Mercy Health Visiting Nurses Rob Murray.  Andy confesses a visiting nurse was somehow one of the most daunting things about all of this, but Rob made it feel more like it was a freind stopping over than a nurse coming to see him.

Here's our one year anniversary show on demand!  It's Muskegon Tonight Live from Smash Wine Bar and Bistro!  You can also see it on your big screen if you have The Muskegon Channel for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device!  Both available free from your channel store!  


One year in the books!  it's been an honor to work with Smash! Wine Bar and Bistro and Pub 111.  We look forward to this upcoming year and more great guests spreading the word about Muskegon and everything going on!  If you'd like to know more about the work our guests to from this months show, follow the links below to learn more!  Our next event is happening at Smash! on March 20th at it's RESTAURANT WEEK in Muskegon!  Stay tuned for details! https://www.mercyhealth.com/ , https://www.msapc.com/http://www.trinityhealthathome.org/mercy-vns-muskegon