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Not long ago, a friend of mine an I were taunting back and forth on Facebook and he called me a "washed up old dj."  It was totally in good fun, but it got me to thinking about some of the stuff that "washed up old dj's have that no one else does.  You know, those things that people seem to love, but somehow got lost in time and as things change, well, those things that made us comfortable and fun...they just fade away.  Well, we hang on to some of that stuff.


I spent 18 years working at the Mercy Health Arena with the hockey teams and loved every minute of them.  My connection with Muskegon grew immensely and the reward of watching so many little faces grow up, and then start returning with their own little faces in tow hoping for a fist bump or a hi 5.  Maybe to be the "kid of the game" or just a moment to be seen with the "guy with the mic".  To give them a chance to feel like the most important person in the place was my goal and to have that pass over a generation or two, it's a gift not many get here, or anywhere.  I was very blessed to be there.

Not to mention the players, coaches, moments and events that went along with it all.  18 years is a LOT of history to watch unfold and to be that close to it all, and for that matter, to be behind the scenes for some of it.  It was an amazing place to be on every level.

There were some things that always stood out though.  Once or twice a year, over the PA system we'd play an old comedy bit called "The Gamper".  I have had this bit for a long time, we released it 4 years ago or so but since hockey season got short changed and we could all use a little laugh, I blew the dust off it and here it is!!  Now, the fun part!  The last time we shared this, we actually heard from the comedian who made this bit so famous!  He left a comment on the old YouTube page we used, and he said this - 

"My name is John Ten Eyck and this is a piece I wrote back in 1979, when I was a comedian in Boston, MA. I ended my sets with this piece because I had absolutely nothing that could top it. I was primarily a "sound effects" comedian and my act worked well. This is from "The MTV Half-Hour Comedy Hour", (1990?) and this recording was the last time I did it. "The Gamper" was my favorite piece and I often credited "Gump" Worsley for its inspiration. I also confess that I was completely spent when I finished this bit. Over the years, I added more and more layers to it--the bit always worked, even when people didn't understand hockey. Thank you for posting this. I'm retired and obscure now and happy as I've ever been."

John, thanks so very much for the laughs!  They are still very much loved by hockey fans everywhere!!  Without further adieu - THE GAMPER