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In West Michigan, we are remarkably fortunate to have the Celebration Cinema Theaters as a spot for gathering to see the movies that make up our lives.  It's a company that recently celebrated 75 years of bringing a premium movie going experience to audiences in our area and they are an industry leader when it comes to technology, amenities and offering programming past just what's on the "now playing marquee.  In Muskegon specifically we're lucky to have Cinema Carousel but we have the sacred grounds of the Getty 4 Drive In which is something that's hard to find anywhere in the country anymore.  We've had an awesome partner in the Loeks family for a long time.


When the closures came, like any other place we congregate, Cinema Carousel had to close the doors.  Pretty difficult to wrap your head around for a place that's a safe spot for people 365 days a year.  Sure, the movies are a great place for families and fist dates, but think too about all those who might not have anyone to spend time with, and look for a little escape on a holiday where they can just go to a movie and immerse themselves in a story for a while and let their worries go.  Add in all the sights, sounds and overall experience of a visit to the movies, it's pretty easy to see that the movies play a huge role in our lives for so many reasons. celebration cinemaFollow Celebration Cinema on Facebook

Well, let's not let the movie experience come to a grinding halt.  Movie people want to entertain right?  Movie watchers want to watch movies right?  Well, Celebration Cinema and Lionsgate Live have teamed up to make just that happen!  Beginning tonight, April 17th there will be a series of blockbuster hit movies you can watch from the comfort of your own home courtesy of Celebration Cinema and Lionsgate Live!  Tonight at 9p it's "The Hunger Games".  April 24th you can enjoy "Drity Dancing", May 1st "La La Land" and May 8th "John Wick".  All favorites and a genre for any taste. 

It's an effort to keep you entertained and, if you are able to help those displaced by the shutdowns in the movie and entertainment industry.  There is no donation or fee required, but, if you can, The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation is digitally "passing the hat" to help.  You can also find links on their site to get your favorite movie snacks and treats and while you may not get some of the delicious food brought right to your seat like you can at Cinema Carousel, the over all experience of going to the movies is what they are shooting for and for them to open the vault and say thanks for the support over the years, pretty generous.

Emily Loeks is now the head of PR for Celebration Cinema.  She took a few minutes to talk to Andy O today to talk about the program and the rich history of Celebration Cinema, take a listen.  




How about that!! A free night at the movies and you can enjoy them right at home!  It's only a matter of time until we can all get back to where so many stories happen.  The big comfy seats, the atmosphere and excitement of the films.  The previews of coming attractions and since we're in Muskegon...yes...even the dancing hot dogs on the drive in screen!  Enjoy the giveback from Celebration Cinema and Lionsgate Live over the next few weeks and follow Celebration Cinema on Facebook and other social media outlets for news on when they will get back to showing all the hits, in the best theaters anywhere! You can click on the image below to get to the site that will take you "to the movies".  

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