Public Announcement
Sat, Jan


On the staff at the Muskegon Channel you see quite a few of us in front of the camera.  You also hear some of us on the radio.  But as we work to grow and continue to follow our belief that "We've Got a New Story To Tell" about Muskegon, there are some who shy away from the spotlight most of the time.  There are occasional photos that pop up, but like most true artists, and perfectionists our own Derek Wong is generally his happiest making things look awesome and adding the special touches that us "content creators" are kinda busy worrying about other things to notice. 


Things like camera angles, lighting, how this computer program works the best and how many social media feeds we need to monitor to make sure we're getting and sharing what's important.  He's also the guy who's eye for detail and keen artistic ability helps make our website look so awesome, our live shows look network quality and our content moving.  Derek is the right arm of all things Muskegon Channel and Channel 96. ch 96 logoFollow Channel 96 Muskegon on Facebook

If you're not familiar with Channel 96, it's the Public Access Channel in Muskegon on the Comcast system.  We took over managing that a little over a year ago.  Derek produces and directs the City Commission meetings for Muskegon and he also maintains the schedule of what's on the air on the station.  You can see anything from complete seasons of high school football from the Big Reds and Shores to information in the Muskegon County Senior Millage and more. 

Well, Derek has been sharing some dun content on Channel 96 we thought we'd bring over here for ya.  Derek has been doing bike riding tours around town and they are pretty nice to watch.  If you would enjoy a tour around town take a look at the video's.  If you'd enjoy a tour around town with a bigger view, you can get The Muskegon Channel and Channel 96 both free for your streaming devices if you have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.  They are both free downloads from your channel store.  If you have a smart tv with browsing capability, you can always check out for the "big show" too!  Enjoy!  




Now, we beg the questions!  WILL Derek continue to be the "quiet mastermind" behind the scenes?  WILL Derek get swept up by some television network and called up to the big leagues?  WILL Derek continue to remind Andy O that he suffers from failing memory and that this that or the other thing needs to get done?  The world may never know.  BUT, the world now has a pretty good view of parts of Muskegon thanks to Derek!  We sure appreciate all he does for all of us at The Muskegon Channel and Channel 96 Muskegon!