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Paranormal Muskegon is back with first Zoom interview. Today we talked with Mark Necamp. Mark is a practitioner in the Art of Magic, as well as a tarot reader, chakra healer, writer, teacher, as well as devoted husband and father.  Besides teaching and personal appearances, he is also a contributor to “The Edge, Holistic Living.” He and his wife, Jessica, teach classes in using magic as a tool for personal growth.
Mark agreed to share with us some insight into what magic is, as well as a discussion of tarot, chakras and energy fields; including where we could find some of these earth energy fields or “vortexes” in the Muskegon area.  Modern media and movies like Harry Potter have given us an idea about what magic is; but these of course leave much to be desired to explain things.
Mark said he became interested in magic while he was in college but said he had always been interested in it while growing up in South Side, Chicago. At one time there was a large bookstore there specialized in the paranormal and magic and once when he was around 15 years old he and his mother decided to check it out. There he met an elderly gentleman by the name of Goldfinger who was well versed in the practice of hoodoo.  Mark explained that hoodoo was similar to African folk magic and how much of their belief systems became “filtered” through Christianity.  Later on, he started working for a bookstore that specialized in esoteric subjects and the paranormal and thus his interest in the subject grew. 
He said that magic is a something difficult thing to explain and so started by giving some background concepts such as energy, including our own energy fields. He even touches on quantum physics in order to show how it works. He said that Allister Crowley, one of history’s most notorious magician, stated that “magic was the art of changing consciousness at will,” but said that he would explain it by saying that magic was the art of expanding our consciousness to change ourselves and our environment. In order to help us understand, he invited the viewers to try a little magical “exercise.” to feel the energy generated by the physical application of it. Truth be told,  when I tried it during the interview, I actually could feel something;  like what one would feel if you tried to put the same poles of a magnet together, which will oppose each other.   He said the reason for this is that energy connects everything and this energy is called by many names; chi, “vibes,” or if you’re into Star Wars at all; you could even call it the “The Force.” 
This energy can be manipulated, charged, or filtered. It is this energy that can be used to change your consciousness or create other effects. He gave an example of how one can often feel the negative energy if you were to walk into a room where someone had been previously arguing or was sad. This negative energy was able to be picked up on because the energy of the room was negatively charged by their emotions. He said this is the reason behind “saging” or purifying a room with candles or other herbs to transform the energy back to one where you would feel better. 
Mark explains that as an empath he can sense people’s energy when he gives a reading using the Tarot cards and by using this same empathetic ability he can also sense the energies of places or events. The Tarot helps him get a sense of the energies given off and how they are interacting. By intuitively progressing what they possibly may “branch” into, he can give his interpretation of what it could mean. He explained the link between magic, metaphysics and quantum physics and how magic works can probably be explained by what is known as “quantum entanglement” or what Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance.” 
Moving onto what this energy meant in the field of alchemy, Mark said that because so much of what the physical alchemists during the middle ages where doing was so new, to people of the day, it would have seemed like they were performing magic. Today we would recognize this as being the beginnings of what is now chemistry, but they also intuitively felt that what they were doing also had spiritual meaning. He said that while we cannot actually make gold, he believes we can still use this symbology of the alchemical process to help transform our lives. We can focus these energies to “turn our lead into gold” to better ourselves, and the world around us. 
He said these energies, while being part of the whole surround us but also exist within structures and geographical areas, in the contours of the land; and that energy fields are especially strong where there is running water, or changes in elevation. He said this energy can be thought of as positive or negative; masculine or feminine; active or passive; and are shaped by these changing features of the land. Interestingly, while looking at maps of the Muskegon area he found that there were several places that seem to have what he called a vortex of energy. This was near where there used to be a mental hospital where that is located along ley lines. He stated that there have also been reports of paranormal activity at that location as well. He explained that if you were to build a building on a ley line or one of these vortexes; that the building itself would change the energy. Perhaps it was this knowledge of the energies of the land along with the sacred geometry that enabled the mason’s to build the gothic cathedrals of the middle ages, but since we really don’t know how they managed to build them with any certainty, we can only speculate. 
Mark Necamp has a wealth of knowledge and experience magic, and how to incorporate it into our lives to lift our consciousness as well as improve our quality of life as well as the community as a global village.  Our thanks to Mark for sharing some of his insights and giving us a peak behind the veil into what lies behind this thing called magic. If you would like more information, Mark can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.