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We've been very fortunate in our working relationship with our area schools!  Two years ago, we had the first chance ever to show the world the spectacle of the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree live as the final performance of the season happened and at it's peak during that first year, there were 10,000 plus streams open on every corner of the Earth watching America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree happen from the beautiful and historic Frauenthal Center in Downtown Muskegon.  It was easily the biggest undertaking we ever went after and we took our end of things as serious as the preparation that went in to the performance of the Tree it self, and it sure paid off. 


We expanded in to athletics with both Mona Shores and the Muskegon Big Reds as time went on and we assumed management of Channel 96 on the Comcast System in Muskegon.  Along with the cable channel we've also come up with ways for our reach to extend outside of Muskegon that we could never have imagined possible not so long ago.  Programming available on mobile devices through the Muskegon Channel App for Iphone or Android.... We've also got apps for both Muskegon Channel and Channel 96 available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  You can always watch on demand too on the websites, it's just amazing the ways we can get things to you now. ms schoolsMona Shores Schools on Facebook

But, we're not here to brag us up.  We're here to brag up the young people in our community!!  So many of those young folks in that Singing Christmas Tree, well, they don't quit singing when the holidays are over you know...no sir!  They keep right on singing and with the curve balls thrown at all of the students in Michigan this year, all of that practice and build up and preparation and then...they close the schools.  Well....hang on a second.  Let's get a few gears turning,

We are in the age of technology right?  We watch the world through our phones and we've got ways of putting things together that are fairly easy and proven delivery platforms that can reach all of the world...STAY HOME AND SING!

That was the idea of some of the Sailors!  Traditionally for the Pop Goes the Sailors show, 100 plus acts audition and they would pair it down from there.  Digital auditions poured in and the blue ribbon panel of judges decided on the final show.  The best part of this one is, it's the students.  Even the entire video itself was put together by Connor Fritz who we'll be keeping a close eye on when he's ready for the working world.

The show itself is going to make it's debut on Wednesday night at 7p on all of the platforms we operate.  You'll be able to pick your spot and watch!!  We'll have it on Channel 96 on the Comcast system for those who are not all that internet savvy as well.

Shawn Lawton is the Director of Choirs at Mona Shores and joined Andy O to talk a little about this years very unique performance and how it all came together, plus some of the amazing traditions of Mona Shores and their arts programs.  Take a listen 




Wednesday night 7p! Save the date, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!!  Like we mentioned in talking to Shawn, we are open to sharing any of this kind of content for other schools too!!  We have even devised a way to help your school use our platforms to help support your arts, athletics or other programs that you see fit!  Selling candy bars and banners around school is great, but we can get your sponsors seen all over the country and you keep the money for your school!!  We'd love to show you how! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Andy O to talk about the idea!