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It's an exciting event for us!!  We were honored to be asked a couple years ago to be the first ever to show the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree, live from the Frauenthal Center as it happened and as this year has unfolded, and left us all wondering what was next for some of our favorite events and school functions, when Shores asked if we'd be interested in debuting the Spring show too, we didn't even blink before we said "How do we help?"


This time, it was pretty easy on us.  All of the acts, the video production and the choosing from auditions was done by students of groups from the school!  Honestly, that makes it even more special to us.  We're proud to share the platform and let them shine!  We're also very pleased to let you know that you can see this on this website, our other web platforms, on demand for our streaming channels on Roku and Amazon Fire devices and of course, through the Muskegon Channel mobile app!  It's all debuting at the same time across all of them!

We'd like other schools to know too, that with what we've learned with Mona Shores and Muskegon Public Schools, we're all about getting you seen too.  Arts, athletics, presentations and more, we have grown our reach to help you and your students be seen and we've even made sure that your content will help to help your program sponsorship's.  We don't want your money, we want to show you how you can help your school out a little.

With that, we can't let all the preparation that goes in to a show like "Pop Go The Sailors" just not happen!  SO from the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more of the Norton Shores Michigan Area...please put your hands together for the Mona Shores Choir's, under the Direction of Shawn Lawton and enjoy "Pop Go The Sailors - Stay Home" right here!


Hope you enjoyed it!  We'd like to wish the Graduates of Mona Shores and all of our area schools the very best in their bright futures and we know that as a community, we're so incredibly proud of all they have accomplished and endured to get to this point.  The hurdles they have overcome at this point in their young lives have been steep, but going forward life's challenges will seem easier at times because the "hard stuff" was cleared early.

No money has exchanged hands in this production and presentation.  We at the Muskegon Channel believe with everything that we are that our platform is a business for sure, but it's also a sacred trust being part of media in a community.  Not everything needs to be a profit center, people have to come first, the rest will follow.  We thank you for watching!