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It may come as a complete shock!  Ok, no it won't.  But we tried for an eye popping first line!  Like most everything adapt and overcome had to be the mantra of one of Muskegon's biggest and best showcases every year which features all of our favorite things!  Let's list them.  Food.  Music.  Beverages.  Hackley Park.  Togetherness.  Helping small business.  Marveling at our growth.  Seeing new things.  Tasting new things. Inviting new people in.  Shall I go on?  If you are a fan of Taste of Muskegon, like anything, in 2020, it's going to have a different format, but don't think for a second that all of what you know and love about it is lost!  Far from it.  In fact, it might be a great way to get even MORE out of this event!  

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While we can't really do the group thing in Hackley Park, we can still support all that would normally converge on the premises on their own turf!  While the event is usually a couple of days, now, it's extended to June 19th-28th so there is plenty of time to enjoy the samples or the full menu items from all of your favorite culinary delights!  While you're used to standing in line for something scrumptious, now...it should be a streamlined process and not only do you get to try the food, you get to see the place it comes from and experience the decor, setting and neighborhood a little more.  The entertainment will be delivered right to your living room and instead of buying beer tickets, if you so choose...pick up a 6 pack and enjoy!  They have even found ways to bring the kids area to life online so they can participate too. 

Taste of Muskegon is "vitrual" this year, but look at it as a chance to get even more out of it.  How about a nice trip to Whitehall for dinner?  Maybe a visit to the City of Friendly people to see who's cooking there?  Downtown?  Norton Shores?  Every corner of town and all over the county has amazing spots for you to try and a destination to visit.  This is a BIG chance to really get out and support our local restaurants and food trucks and it's also a chance for all of us to invite more people to Muskegon and show it off!  The Taste of Muskegon website has a listing of all the participating eateries and events.  You can also check out the great entertainment there.  There will be a blue ribbon panel of judges working the festival with their cultured palates, as well as a people's choice award...which we thought it would be fun to throw in a months worth of free advertising to the winner for...on all of our platforms....so we did.

Lisa Krauss is part of the Taste of Muskegon festival when she's not busy at her day job at FineLine Creative and we got together "virtually" like anyone else is these days to talk a little about the improvisation and adaptation and how what seems like a real drag, could really be an amazing chance to see and taste more....of Muskegon.  Take a listen!     


Great food and an adventure!  Life as always is what you make of it and since a congregate party is not in the cards, it's time to take it to the streets!!  We've all endured the unthinkable over the last weeks and months, and the hospitality industry particularly has been stretched to the max.  What better way to show them since they can't come to us, we'll go to them this year for Taste of Muskegon.  By 2021....we'll all be back in the park again, so get out and see and taste it all this year!  We've got so much to offer.  Go get ya some!  You can link over to Taste of Muskegon's website by clicking below.

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