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Oscar Osbo has been in broadcasting for a long, long time.  A career in radio that went for years led to his own enterprise of video production and freelance work.  One thing about Oscar, he's done a great job remaining friends with those he's worked with all along the way.


Recently, he's set out to do a little collecting of stories.  He began a series on his YouTube channel about radio legends in and around West Michigan.  He's featured some pretty big names and called me wondering if I'd be interested in participating.  It was a great honor for sure, but "legend"?  I don't really see myself as much of a legend to be honest with ya...in fact, far from it.  I've had a great career that's still going and there's been some fun milestones, but there are many more that have made a much bigger impact than me.

This is Oscar's project though, and I agreed to just let him take the reigns.  Tell me where and when to be and what you'd like to talk about and I'll be there.  Oscar had some basic questions, but he's a skilled interviewer too so the conversation too some twists and turns.  It's a discussion from everything to being a kid and where it all started in the basement with my first records, to the club days, KLQ, 101.7 and on to what we're doing here today.  Who were the influencers through the years and what are the priorities now.  It's turned out to be an hour long conversation and it's pretty candid.  If you've ever wondered about me and how I go here....this is a pretty good look back over the years.  Take a listen.

It turned out to be a fun chat and great way for me to look back over the years I have been a broadcaster.  I don't stop often and reflect on things, I got stuff to do...we continue to work and will do just that.  It was a nice stroll down memory lane with Oscar though, and great to catch up with an old friend.