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After a pause in the normal flow of things, Paranormal Muskegon is back reporting on things mysterious or unearthly; be it ghostly apparitions in the halls of old buildings and houses; shadowy figures drifting through graveyards; or silvery objects flying overhead and to kick it off we hit the ground running. I recently had the pleasure of being invited to be a guest on the Grand Rapids Ghost Hunter’s Podcast filmed at the WKTV studio in Wyoming, Michigan with hosts Wayne Thomas and Kim Kolean; where the discussion embraced all things paranormal; from top to bottom.  On their website; Grand Rapids Ghost Hunter’s Podcast is said to be; an “engaging program which delves deep into all things paranormal” Michigan leave no doubt that spirits do exist.” And delve we did.

Our discussion left no paranormal stone unturned and it was definitely engaging. Hosts Wayne and Kim are warm with easy-going manners that made me feel welcome and at ease; with keen minds who are ever seeking answers to life’s mysteries. And they do this all with a sense of fun and humor.  Wayne was aware of my involvement with MUFON as an Investigator and writer for the MUFON Journal; so they were both dressed for the occasion: Black suits and ties, starched white shirts and dark sunglasses, as an obvious reference to the “Men in Black” who are of course a very prominent aspect of the whole UFO subject. This was spot on. I felt honored that they would do this just for me

The interview moved quickly to Ufology at that point; from my own paranormal experiences; such as possibly having an “out-of-body” experience as a child; to talking about some of the cases I had worked on as an investigator; the most memorable being a case involving the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana; whereby they experienced a complete loss of electrical power for ten minutes. Of course this lead to a question that frequently comes up when UFOs are involved:  Is the government covering up information about them? From there we talked about what is known as the “Michigan UFO flap” of 1994; which as UFO cases go; is one of the most important from an evidence point of view; both because of the number and credibility of the witnesses as well as radar tracking evidence.  This evidence was only brought to the public by the work of Attorney Mike Walsh, who Paranormal Muskegon had the honor of interviewing in March of this year.

We moved on to talking about how there seem to be connections between UFOs, and sightings of Big foot and Mothman. I did relate that there indeed seem to be some connection; as many witnesses who have claimed to see these entities; also report seeing UFOs in the vicinity at the same time; although the reasons behind this are still a mystery. When asked, I gave my opinion that it was my belief was maybe it was because underlying all paranormal phenomena is just the connectedness of the universe as well as my belief that we are not alone in the universe.

Wayne brought up the fact that besides being a UFO investigator that I was a professional astrologer and Tarot card reader. They mentioned that while they have entertained a lot of “ologists” on the show, they had never had a numerologist on before. Wayne said he had had his astrology chart done on the podcast before but had not had a Tarot or numerology reading before. Unfortunately I did not have my cards with me but did a basic numerology reading based on his name. I explained that numbers are energies; correlating to the Fibonacci series or the Golden Mean in nature; and that each letter of the alphabet has a correlating energy based on numbers one through nine. One’s personality number was based on the day of the month; one’s life path number is the complete birth-date added together and the name number is the Karmic number. He and Kim agreed that I “hit” on some things that fit.

And of course we talked about ghosts. I mean what would any podcast with “Ghosts” in their name talk about if not ghosts? Wayne mentioned that Darren Dykhouse and Jamie Ray from Lakeshore Paranormal, whom Paranormal Muskegon had interviewed awhile back; were also frequent guests of theirs, so we talked about the different types of ways that ghost hunters like Darren and Jamie go about their investigations. Kim read a bit from the Paranormal Muskegon interview we did with Lakeshore Paranormal about those different psychic “senses” such as clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

Then we moved on to some highpoints of the Michigan Triangle and what is known as Michigan Stonehedge. Referring to a post on my Cygnus Research blog, Wayne brought up some of the information that I had researched as well as information from research that he had done; two incidents in particular; the disappearance in 1891 of the Thomas Hume with seven crew members lost; and the mysterious disappearance of Flight 2501 in 1950. In case you are not familiar with the Michigan Triangle; this is a geographical area spanning from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, east to Ludington, Michigan and South to Benton Harbor, Michigan. It is said that there have been anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 ships that have disappeared or wrecked under mysterious circumstances over the Great Lakes throughout history. While not widely known, the Michigan Triangle has had more unexplained disappearances than the famed Bermuda Triangle. Some possible explanations range from wormholes, portals, UFOs, or some type of magnetic anomaly emanating from the Michigan Stonehenge (more on that in a bit.)  The area is also a well-known hot spot for UFO activity, with many sightings being reported over the years. One of the first recorded shipwrecks over the lakes was the Le Griffon in the 17th century, lost on its maiden voyage. The case of the Thomas Hume began in May 1891 when a schooner owned by Charles Hackley of Muskegon, Michigan disappeared without a trace after making a lumber run to Chicago, Illinois. All seven crew members were lost. If this had been an isolated case, it would have probably been lost to time; but these mysterious disappearances did not end there. There was the S.S. Rouse Simmons in 1912; the Rosabell in 1921, the Carl A. Bradley in 1958, and the Lady Elgin in 1868. Another  very curious maritime account is the case of Captain George Donner who disappeared on board his ship from within a locked cabin in 1937.  No clues were ever discovered as to what happened to him. But it was not only ships that have disappeared or wrecked under mysterious circumstances.  In recent years, over 40 planes have also been inexplicably lost or crashed within the Michigan Triangle. The case of Northwest Flight 2501 remains unexplained to this day. At the time it was the worst air disaster on record. It was carrying 58 people when it was thought by some to have crashed into Lake Michigan. The pilot had reported high velocity winds because of a severe electrical storm that had come out of nowhere. After that the control tower lost contact with the pilot and the flight disappeared from radar. No wreckage was ever found although the bodies of those aboard tragically washed up on shore. About two hours after the crash, two police officers reported seeing a strange red light hovering over Lake Michigan. The light disappeared after about ten minutes. Because of the reported sighting of the UFO around the same time, there is some speculation that UFO activity was somehow connected to Flight 2501’s disappearance.

So our conversation eventually lead to one of my new favorite things to research: Michigan’s Stonehenge.  Yep Michiganders; we have our own Stonehenge….so the British Isles has nothing on us. And while ours is underwater, it is no less mysterious. This Stonehenge, a 40-foot ring of rocks, was found at the bottom of Lake Michigan near The Grand Traverse Bay area, although the precise spot is being kept a closely guarded secret at the current time.  Discovered in 2007 by Mark Holley, a professor of archaeology at a northwest Michigan college, the alignment of these rocks is very similar to that of Stonehedge. Amazingly the center stone has a carving that is believed to be that of a mastodon; a prehistoric animal that went extinct 10,000 years ago.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what further information can be found about this new addition to the archaeological wonders of the world.

So long story short; or vice-versa, I had a wonderful time talking with Wayne and Kim about our favorite subjects; paranormal events and goings on in and around Michigan; both in the past and the present. There was so much to talk about and we filled up every minute of the hour-long show with tidbits of strangeness; but rest assured there is more to talk about when it comes to the Paranormal; much, much more. I look forward to finding out what Grand Rapids Podcasters will talk about next; anyone interested in the subject should too; it is informative and entertaining. I also look forward to talking with others in and around Muskegon about our history and mystery on Paranormal Muskegon.

Check out Wayne and Kim’s Podcast at: https://anchor.fm/wayne-thomas7/episodes/Grand-Rapids-Ghost-Hunters-Episode-17-e90gg4.

Have an interesting Paranormal story you would like to share with Paranormal Muskegon? Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or https://cygnusresearch2015.blogspot.com/