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We first met up with the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society a few years ago when they were tucked away upstairs Downtown in Muskegon.  It was a small but impressive space with incredible displays of different scale model trains, sets designed to look like Muskegon a huge area dedicated to the historical library and a curated feeling from the membership that embraces the rich history of rails and the importance of the railroad industry and the rich history of it. 


Today, the museum itself is getting close to the final phases of it's new location.  Marquette Ave is where you'll find the new, very spacious building.  It's right across from OV Elementary and while the progress on the interior was slowed by our times a little things are picking back up and when complete, we're going to have another remarkable place to remember our rich history curated by people who are passionate about their hobby and the worthiness of remembering and preserving. rr signFollow The Muskegon RR Society on FB

All of that is great, but one of the best parts of train enthusiasts, the ability to collect, trade, share stories, look for that elusive hard to find piece that is the "unicorn" or the ultimate deal.  Yes, being in the train collectors world, collectors shows and swap meets are the norm and August 30th at the Muskegon Farmers Market, you'll have a chance to be a part of one.  It's not only for trains, it's open to collectors and "geeks" of all kinds.  If you're a hobbyist for with RC cars, get a booth!  Are you into collecting?  There's room!  Interested in a day out and a stroll around the market to see what's to be seen and share some excitement with the kids?  The Muskegon Railroad Historical Society has found a way to take a traditional "indoor" show outside and make it happen.

Michael Wood is the president of the group.  He's not only an enthusiast, he's immersed in the history of the industry and shares it with great passion.  As the project continues at the new location, we met up right out front and talked about the awesome effort to make what would otherwise be yet another event lost to our times happen, take a listen to how they pulled it off!   


Enjoy some fun, share a little history and if you are a collector get your booth now!!  This is a rare opportunity to be a part of a show that is harder and harder to find in 2020.  Bring the collection out, enjoy some pretty amazing trains and the fellowship of the other collectors that will be on hand too.  This is another incredible use of the Muskegon's Farmers Market and an innovative group who found a way to make "normal" happen under extreme circumstances.  You can click on the flyer below to visit their Facebook page to reserve your space if you'd like a booth or two!

mrr show