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A short while ago, we got in on the push for the Taste of Muskegon event which was like anything else in 2020, shall we say a little "different"?    It was an awesome opportunity to not only be behind the camera as chef's of all different disciplines rolled out the presentation table for a couple of pictures, followed by the thought of "well, someone's gotta eat it" and if that someone just had to be the guy with the camera, so be it.  Not only did we get to meet some incredible people with great stories to tell, but we also got to help promote their business, show off their personality and share what goes into their creations most of which is love and passion for food!


It was the first time "on camera" for most of the chef's involved.  They were all outstanding and from our point of view, we'd be happy to work with them again to show off the amazing culinary experiences around Muskegon.  Hey, if you read the first paragraph, "someone's gotta eat it" right?  As we filmed over the course of a few days, one of our guests came in a little nervous, we gave her the elevator speech about just being herself, not worrying about the camera, that there was no pressure and that being a person is all you have to do to tape a demo like this.  One deep breath later, the camera rolled, she let it out and everyone behind the scenes stood and watched it all happen. lakisha trophyL'Soul Filled on Facebook

LaKisha Harris who is the Owner and Chef of L'Soul Filled Catering started off with her "Get Yo Man Fried Chicken" recipe and if there were any nerves, they went out the door immediately and any time she's spent in the kitchen working on her incredible dishes and remarkable comfort food must have come with a minor degree in personality because she gave a demonstration followed by a mic drop.

Made a couple visits to see LaKisha for lunch, made a couple of calls to see about getting Kitchen 242 on board to help with some filming space and here we are today with her first visit on the Muskegon Channel with a delicious 3 purpose meat sauce that you can use to help fill little stomachs that are always looking for something quick and easy to eat!  Best part, the amount of money LaKisha is going to teach you how to save.  She's a wizard at stretching a buck!  

Join us in welcoming Chef LaKisha Harris from L'Soul Filled Catering to the Muskegon Channel.  You'll find her recipe for today's show below!


Just like that...you have meals for a week and the cost is next to nothing and as you saw, "Lil Soul" got in on the action and it became a family affair. Next time, LaKisha is going vegan on us, so make sure you stay tuned for that recipe and if you need a caterer, you'll find LaKisha's website linked right below!

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