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When we think of cotton candy, it brings childhood nostalgia to mind. When I was younger, going to the movies, the carnival, or the drive-in theater would always mean that my mom would purchase my favorite snack. Back then, we had the funky twist of two cotton flavors, or this pink fluff that was stuffed inside of a container. Thanks to Hey, Sugar Gourmet Cotton Candy, the nostalgic cotton candy flavor has just received a makeover. Hey, Sugar has revamped the old childhood favorite, and has given the new generation unique flavors to try. 

Danielle Bradfield, owner of Hey, Sugar, has created several unique flavors for Muskegon County residents to enjoy. Today, Danielle and I tried her Salty Caramel and their Tangerine Cream Cotton Candy flavors. What I love about Danielle's cotton candy is that is not too sweet, which can make certain flavors super addicting. To give you an idea of the levels of sweet, her cotton candy contains the same amount of sugar as two jolly ranchers. Not only does Danielle have super unique flavors, but her cotton candy is organic, vegan and contains all natural ingredients and no artificial colors. 
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Just after two months of opening up shop, Danielle is not slowing down anytime soon. Hey, Sugar just launched their new website, and Danielle will be making a special announcement during the week of August 31st via Facebook Live. In addition, we had the chance to discuss new fall flavors that will be hitting the shelves just in time for colder temperatures. I am not going to give away any details, so you will have to watch the interview on the Muskegon Channel to learn more. For now, let us just say that these flavors will pair perfectly with your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Rachel McCoy, Guest Contributor to the Muskegon Channel, Mi Food Chronicles Blogger Follow Rachel and her foodie adventures on the Mi Food Chronicles Blog at www.mifoodchronicles.com.  You can find Hey Sugar's Webiste Linked Below.

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