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We're back at Kitchen 242 in Downtown Muskegon with LaKisha Harris from L'Soul Filled Catering and she's about to put down something you can't imagine!  We're talking Vegan recipes and before you even think about clicking on another page or not watching this video, I am going to stop you right there and help you avoid a mistake.  Don't let the word vegan get you thinking you're in for some bland, tasteless bean filled protein something or another....you're about to get hit with flavor and texture you can't even imagine until you try it.


LaKisha herself comes right out with full transparency in this one and admits....she's doesn't like vegetables.  What?  A chef that doesn't like something?  Strange but true, but...she's also got a vegan mentor in Thea Brown.  Thea switched to vegan a few years ago as she explains in this weeks video with LaKisha.  For Thea, it was a personal choice for health and she's done really well with it.  It might not be for everyone but what you'll see this week is palatable for just about any fussy eater and if you think you are in for some kind of "grass juice" or "bean paste"  brace yourself.

This week, it's a double up.  On the menu, cauliflower steaks and cauliflower chicken wings.  With the proper seasonings, preparation know how, you can take a veggie that usually begs for cheese sauce if cooked or ranch dressing is raw and turn it into mouthwatering deliciousness.  Another great thing about this recipe, is that you can make a head of cauliflower go so much further as you use come of it as the "steaks" and some of the leftover pieces as your chicken wings.  I know that it seems so much like a stretch, but when this all comes together, you are going to be amazed at what you find and how incredible things taste.

We're heading back to the Kitchen with Chef LaKisha Harris.  Let's get L'Soul filled on some cauliflower steak and cauliflower chicken wings!


Now, the behind the scenes stuff.  Filming was a blast as always but the first thought, like anyone...was "Huh?  vegan?"  As the smells swirled, the seasonings blended and the food came off the grill and out of the fryer, it got real....real quick.  The taste and texture of the cauliflower steak with about like a steak cooked to medium, the wings...to die for.  They were so good you could have cared less there was actually no chicken in them.  LaKisha and Thea hit it out of the park this week!  So delicious, completely vegan and you miss nothing minus the meat in these incredible dishes.

LaKisha is working on building her own place as we speak...it's an exciting time for this culinary master here in Muskegon but she's also full on with the catering business if you are in need!  Book her now for your events and you'll leave your guests amazed at the great food, incredible hospitality and soul put into ever dish she makes!  Next time.... peach cheesecake tacos!  You can link up with Chef LaKisha by clicking on her photo below!

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