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You're in a pinch, you need to show up with dessert and you want to make a splash!!  It's a panic situation and this isn't one of those occasions when you can just be there with a cake from the store....you need creativity, beauty and delicious taste!  Chef LaKisha Harris from L'Soul Filled Catering is here to the rescue!  


Not only is LaKisha going to show you how to blow the minds of everyone at the party, most of the ingredients...come from the Dollar Tree.  Shhh.  Keep that your secret, but the reality is, you can make some incredible tastes on a serious budget.  Let's face a few facts, being a gourmet chef means you're running a business...being a mom means you know that finding a value is paramount and if you can blend the 2 and come out with something as delicious as you're about to see, the peach cheesecake tacos, are a sure fire hit.

The ingredients are simple, the taste is extraordinary and the preparation is a snap!  Get ready for an amazing lesson in culinary delight... 


Delicious, unbelievably affordable and as easy to make as it gets.  LaKisha is the owner of L'Soul Filled Catering in Muskegon and is in the process of opening her own restaurant!  She's an award winning Chef and caterer and as she works her way toward opening her own place, we're very thankful for the help of Kitchen 242 in Muskegon for giving us the place to work and show off her delicious recipes!

Stay tuned for more from Chef LaKisha Harris and if you'd like to visit L'Soul Filled Catering online, please click on the link below.

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