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Who wouldn't love to frolic a little?  Let's be honest, we could all use some frolic.  Well, one of the groups in Muskegon that's synonymous with the amazing ability we always show to make sure the needs of those a little less fortunate than us are met are inviting you to do just that with a fun, themed virtual fundraising event centered around the Orient Express and that organization we're talking about is the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce of Muskegon!


Since 1951 in Muskegon, the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce (WDCC) has been a driving force in making sure needs are met in a variety of ways in Muskegon.  The focus is on things that serve the greater good like making sure food pantries are stocked, community projects are funded, scholarships are granted to students, inspiring more volunteerism and leaving a legacy behind of enduring contributions to the community.  In recent years, the work has taken a very fun and unique twist with some of their events like "Dancing With the Local Stars" which raises countless amounts of money for our local food banks, the "Trinkets and Treasures" sale the "Downtown Dancing" at the Muskegon Farmers Market and "Parties in the Park" at Hackley Park.  Some of which you just sat there thinking "Hey, wait a minute...that didn't happen this year."  Well, no it didn't and like any other organization in town, the WDCC has been left with the monumental task of keeping their level of giving and engagement up while trying how to figure out how to make it all happen with the current state of affairs in the middle of a pandemic.  Not easy, not fun but...nothing is stopping them. fashion and frolic20Boarding Passes for Fashion and Frolic

The Fashin and Frolic event is coming up next and it's going to be a mix of a virtual and live event!  It's got a super cool theme this year of the "Orient Express" where attendees will get a virtual trip onboard the storied railway.  You'll see a fashion show, be able to take part in a silent auction, make donations and if you and your friends really want to go for it, the'll be having prizes for the best dressed group of individual in their 30's attire...so, if you are or know anything about being a "Flapper", you might be out front already.  You get a boarding pass to get in on the ZOOM event on September 24th from 6:30-8p and there's a suggestion to hast a luxury club party so you don't have to travel alone.  Registration is safe and easy for the event and you'll find all of that linked to the right!

Joining us today is Cecelia Taylor who's one of the Event Chairs for this great event, which by the way, has raised $385,000 since 2006.  We were not kidding when we told ya they were a driving force at the WDCC, take a listen!








Fun and purposeful work!  Like any other organization that assists others with need in Muskegon, a lot of curve balls have been thrown and the creativity and inventiveness of the WDCC has come shining through with this event!  If you're not in to the whole virtual event idea, hey, you know what, every $10 or $20 adds up just as much to to be a part of the push for the greater good, that's something that's held dear to all of Muskegon bu all of us who come together to take care of our woen when needed.  Maybe just consider a doantion or if you're all in.....we'll see you on the Orient Express on September 24th!