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It's getting dark a little earlier, there's a little bit of a crisp feel to the air, the calendar just turned to October and before we get invaded by the pumpkin spice crowd, let's not forget just what comes out of Michigan, especially West Michigan this time of year, APPLES!


Despite the annual Spring scare with the temps that we face now a days, from all accounts, the Michigan apple crop this year was a very good one.  They are big, juicy and there are plenty of them.  It was a welcome relief for the farmers who grow, the workers who help prepare and pack and of course those who love to eat them.  Crisp, crunchy, full of natural goodness and an ever growing list of variety, Michigan apples are not only a huge treat, they are a huge part of our economy.

Well, now that we're done bragging up our local cash crop, let's get some in the hands of a true food artist!  LaKisha Harris is back and we're in Kitchen 242 for her magic touch on apples!  She's just days away from the grand opening of L'Soul Eatery and the excitement is building!  We've seen plenty of delicious recipes going all the way back to Taste of Muskegon with LaKisha and today's doesn't disappoint.

Pay close attention.  There are some different ways to get this done!  Want an entire apple stuffed with gooey goodness?  You got it!  Slices?  She does that!  Let's get to it!!  It's time for a Fall favorite, baked apples with LaKisha Harris on the Muskegon Channel.


Immediately upon completion of filming....these apples covered in super gooey and sweet drizzle came up missing.  We did all we could to find the culprit, no guilty party was found.  If you know anything about this, please stay tuned for details on the grand opening of the L'Soul Filled Eatery.  You can report anything you know about the disappearance at the grand opening.  For the recipe, see below. 

LSoul Baked Apples