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We love to get behind a great cause here in Muskegon and with all of the world kinda scratching their heads about how things work, where things are happening and how they are going to keep the funding coming for their vital causes, we've had a chance to play a small role in them and we're more than honored to do just that. 


Every Woman's Place of Muskegon has been no different than other organizations in town.  Early on this year, their first big fundraiser called "Cheers and Chocolate" was cancelled due to the pandemic.  It was a huge hit for the organization that strives to help those effected by domestic or sexual violence or trafficking.  As the Fall approached, they asked if we thought we could lend a hand in getting their message out and since we've already been a part of their events for a number of years, we said we think we might. every womans place logoCan You Help? Donate Here!

It was a bit different of an event, moving to the outside of the Fricano event center for the "live" portion, where the crowd was much smaller and socially distant and the rest of it was carried live as it happened right here on the Muskegon Channel.  Viewers from all over the country were able to tune in and they were also able for the first time to take the bidding on the incredible purses online as well and when the curtain dropped on the night...the fundraising goal was exceeded!  It speaks volumes of our community and it too shows you that no matter the circumstances, Every Woman's Place has carved themselves a home in the hearts and minds of this community and no one is going to let them fail.  

The live bidding is over, and we've taken out a few of the pauses that happened during the event, but here it is as it happened on October 8th.  Our community came together strong over what's really important.  The protection and care of our most vulnerable and we're so proud to be a small part of that.




Was it somewhat irreverent fun? Yup.  Were those in attendance and watching online given some much needed laughter?  We sure hope so.  But let's make one thing abundantly clear.  The message that resonates is that Love Shouldn't Hurt and that Muskegon has NO room or tolerance for any of it.  Every Woman's Place celebrated 45 years of service in 2020 and we hope that in the next 45, they continue their work for those who need them most.  To visit the Every Woman's Place webiste, please click below.

ewp 45 lead