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Trick or Treat Yo'Self!
Five Hauntingly Good Foodie Finds in Muskegon
18th Amendment Spirits Co. – 350 W. Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

A fall take on the cocktail classics. Since 2017, 18th Amendment has been slinging fancy cocktails, made with their crafted liquors and fresh ingredients. Earlier this month, 18th Amendment released their new Fall Menu, which consists of using in season produce and house made syrups. I was able to chat with Chloe, one of the lead bartenders, to create a couple of their featured fall cocktails. Pictured above is the Necromancer, the Greedo, and the Re-Animator. All three were different in flavor, but equally delicious. Chloe took the time to teach me a thing or two about bartending like how to shake a cocktail properly, how to make simple syrup, and how to create hauntingly delicious cocktails for any Halloween party. These folks make bartending look easy, but I decided to leave it to the professionals.18th drinks



Coffee Factory Spread


The Coffee Factory – 1402 Hudson St, Muskegon, MI 49441

Located in the Watermark building, this café displays some of the most fab-boo-licious baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth. Since 2019, Sarah Sass and her daughter Veda and Owen Rooks have been managing the spooktacular café. I recommend trying a specialty latte as they make their pumpkin spice, white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel syrups in house. Popular October Drink Specials are:
• Dirty Jack: (Chai Tea Latte with double shot of espresso and pumpkin syrup.
• Chaider: Chai Tea and Apple Cider steamed together with Nutmeg and Cinnamon on top.
• Full Moon Milk: Your choice of milk steamed together with maple syrup and a mix of spices including ashwagandha and cinnamon.
• Hot Apple Cider: With or without caramel.
• Fake Shemp: Homemade bourbon syrup steamed with espresso and your choice of milk. Topped with cinnamon.
Baker and Decorator: Olivia Rudicil
Decorator: Lorin Reglin
Talented Baristas: Ryan Morecelt & Kiera Davis

Hey, Sugar – 1925 Lakeshore Drive, Muskegon, MI 49441

Just when I thought Danielle couldn't get any more creative with her various flavors of cotton candy, she develops some of the most mouthwatering flavors for the upcoming fall season. Of course, I had to take home all three of these flavors to taste test them. The French Toast flavor tastes exactly like French toast! The warm aromas of cinnamon and vanilla are very apparent. The Spiced Apple Cider was delicious! I envisioned myself sitting in an apple orchard, drinking spiced apple cider on a chilly fall day. All of you chai fans out there, rejoice! Now, you can drink your chai latte and enjoy even more chai flavor with the Pumpkin Chai flavored cotton candy! Hey Sugar





Mr. Bs Pancake Pumpkin Pancakes


Mr. B's Pancake House - 1910 E. Apple Ave, Muskegon, MI 49442

First time ever going to Mr. B's Pancake House and you bet it was to try these delicious Pumpkin Pancakes. These pancakes are layered with a creamy cinnamon pumpkin cheesecake cream, and topped with graham crackers crumbles and whipped cream. The pancakes themselves are very light in pumpkin flavor, which enhances the flavor of the cheesecake cream. Instead of coffee, make sure to try Mr. B's Spiced Apple Cider. The hot cider is served with a cinnamon stick and pairs nicely with the Pumpkin Pancakes.
4 Corners Café - 1900 Ruddiman Dr, Muskegon, MI 49445





Looking for something to try that's different from the typical Pumpkin Spice Latte? Try 4 Corner's Caramel Apple Latte. This seasonal latte tastes exactly like a caramel apple! 4 Corners has several seasonal drinks, like their Pumpkin Spice Latte, Chaider, and Apple Cider. The baristas are always creating something new for their customers to try. What really caught my eye was their new Apple Cider Freeze. This cold slushie consists of apple cider and hints of cinnamon. Pair the Apple Cider Freeze with a gooey pumpkin cheesecake brownie or a piece of pumpkin pie. Not in the mood for something sweet? 4 Corners also offers various menu items for breakfast and lunch. My favorite menu item is the Goat Cheese Toast, which is covered in a creamy goat cheese spread, topped with chopped tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction glaze. 4 Corners Caramel Apple Latte








Rachel McCoy, Guest Contributor to the Muskegon Channel, Mi Food Chronicles Blogger
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