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Marie Cisneros has entertained thousands with her Paranormal Muskegon stories.  She's going to be taking a break from that for a while but...she's sticking around for the horoscope readings that seem to have taken off quickly!!  Starting off 2021 with a look into what's being predicted for you?  Have a listen!!  It's the January 1st Muskegon By The Stars!!


Remember the days when you'd flip to the section of the paper where they'd have the horoscope?  Or, how about one of those vending machines where you bought the tightly rolled up scroll with your reading on it?  Well, if you miss that kind of thing, good news!  She's going to be providing a forecast for your sign weekly right here!  We're not 100% sure exactly how accurate these are, but after all, they are for entertainment purposes only and usually within any of this kind of reading, you'll probably find a little take-a-way or two. Marie has been a professional astrologer since 2000, formally studying it through the American Federation of Astrologers; where she remains a member. 



Marie will continue to provide astrology readings.  We're always working to add in some new engaging content that can keep you interested and engaged!  Our thanks to Marie and stay tuned for more!!