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2020 is a little "different'.  We are all making do with what we have.  It's not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination for anyone.  We know this though.  This is Muskegon and if you look back over the last block of about 50 years, one thing has proven true time and time again.  We are the one community in all of West Michigan that is better at circling the wagons than anyone.  We are the one community in West Michigan that's better at rolling with the punches than anyone and we are the one community in West Michigan who's ability to be as one when the time comes...it's beyond compare.

It's been a year of great sacrifice for everyone, but there's one thing that money can't buy and that can never be taken away.  That is the holiday spirit.  It's a time when we can all set aside what caused so much upheaval in our lives.  We can see that friend or neighbor and offer some kindness.  We can patch things up with that family member and we can take a look at what we have, instead of what we don't and we can know that in time, what we're facing for the moment, shall pass. 

With that, while the Community Tree Lighting in Hackley Park won't be seen by the hundreds usually in attendance with the gleam in their eyes and the magic of the arrival of Santa sparking the beginning of the season for those young and old, a small group gathered to bring it to you the best we could and we all hope that the joy and wonder of this season can bring the renewal in all of our hearts as to who we are, where we live and how blessed we all are to be from truly one of the most incredible and resilient communities anywhere.

With that, we proudly present the 2020 Lighting of the Tree at Hackley Park with Mayor Steve Gawron

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