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We have a kindred spirit in Eric Zane.  We've shared similar backgrounds, we've decided that maybe it's a better chance to do what we love working for ourselves instead of a giant company where decisions are made by what's on a spread sheet and we've even spent some times guesting on each others shows to cross promote, have some fun and be a bit of mutual aid to one another.  After all, we're the little guys now when some of the other teams all still have giant transmitters, huge budgets, easier access and of course, the habit of just pushing a button and "there it is".  Yes, being in the digital world means that it takes a little more effort to get in touch with our content, but much like us at the Muskegon Channel, Eric Zane provides a premium product for listeners/viewers and is better equipped to give amazing value to those who sponsor his show.  We love knowing that Eric is only one trench away in the media pit. 


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Eric is pretty to the point on his daily podcast which is seen by thousands.  But behind it all....Eric is really a pretty great guy who understands gratuity and spends a lot of time doing the right thing when no one is looking.  Not everything needs to be front and center in the lives of media types and a lot of good things happen that you don't hear about.  Sometimes...good things are great things and they need to have a little light shined on them and when it comes to why Eric is out in California and his purpose in sharing the word.  It's not so much for the glory of it, but it's to help spread what should be the "new normal".  How all of us should do a better job taking care of one another and that giving is more of a reward for the giver than the one receiving. 

Months ago, Eric reconnected with a friend from school who'd had some health issues.  Big health issues.  As the story played out and Eric heard a little more about the need....he heard a whisper in his head and he knew it was his calling.  He decided that after a quick consult with the Mrs, who also agreed to try, that he'd be tested to see if he was a match to be a donor.  Not only was he a match, so was his wife.  Eric was more of an exact match, so the ball was rolling.

Flashforward to now, he's less than 24 hours from the procedure.  He's in Cali prepping for the surgery and we caught up with him just before it all goes down.  Eric is a great story teller, so, we'll let him do most of the talking but the message is this.  He's out to help take away the stigma and fear of organ donation and if ever you think that you might be able to save someone, he's an open book to help talk you through it.  Take a listen.


It's a time of year for giving. It's also a time of year for a little reflection and thought about what really matters and what truly remarkable things we as humans can do when we take a moment and realize that the important things are what really matter. Health, security, kindness, love and fellowship are on top of all of it and to be willing to give a little of yourself for someone who would otherwise meet their end without you...that is exactly what the holiday season is about and from our point of view, that makes Eric Zane the King of Christmas this year.  We hope God's good hands are on Eric and his recipient through all of this and we hope for Eric's safe return to West Michigan to continue his awesome show for the thousands of fans who should certainly see him in a new light now.  He's more than earned it.  To learn more about the National Kidney Registry, click on the photo below.

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