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The Frauenthal Center is easily one of the premiere places in the State of Michigan for any kind of performance.  Being right here in Muskegon we are so very fortunate to have this beautifully ornate place to share some of the most incredible events and memories in, with the exception of 2020 of course when the best we can do is drive by the "Frau" and patiently wait for the day to come once again when the air is filled with music, the smells of the amazing food at Smash! down on the lower level are coming up and the lobby is buzzing with the chatter of friends gathering and catching up.  It will be back, it's a 100% fact.


For now, however, we can't be in large groups just yet due to the pandemic.  It's not fun.  No one is really thrilled about it and we're tired.  So very tired.  This, however is Muskegon and we find a way.  We always find a way.  Even if it means wrangling an entire symphony orchestra in less than a day to get down to that historic theater, go through all the screening protocols, rehearse a little bit and then make Christmas magic happen for those who are so very tired, so used to not having fun and those who think the thrill is gone.  This is the gift that musicians and artists have to give and without them, our lives would be so bland. symphony rocksWM Symphony on Facebook

Just before the recent pre-Thanksgiving restrictions came along, there was a much broader plan to help those who need a little Christmas, but when the Health Department implemented the restrictions they did....without skipping a beat, the West Michigan Symphony Orchestra sprung to action and in a day, put together the holiday show that would normally take a few weeks to pull off.  They did it all in a closed hall with talented videographers and sound engineers from Blue Lake Fine Arts Radio.  They did it all because it's their calling to bring something good to a time when we really need it.  They did it all too because tradition should continue no matter the pressing times and they did it all as a sincere thanks to the community for being parts of their shows, year after year in person when the coast is clear.  We all have something to give back.  

So, if you are one of those who needs the show, here's the details!  Andy Buelow of the West Michigan Symphony joins today to talk about the massive undertaking that went into the production.  How the amazingly talented members of the Symphony adapted to the changes to get it done, and how you can see it....right there in your living room!  No car to park, no weather to deal with...nothing more than a small donation to help out a little and maybe your gas logs going to set the mood.  Take a listen.




How about that? The Symphony right in your living room. Who'd have ever imagined that?!?  Think too of the importance of this kind of experience this kind or music brings to kids.  As we talked in the interview, kids are very impressionable and the fine arts are a HUGE part of making sure they have a well rounded educational exposure to things. Treat your family to a night of the fine arts.  The details and registration can all be found if you click below on the photo!  Our many thanks to Andy Buelow and we wish everyone at the Symphony the very best for the Holiday Season.