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This week Paranormal Muskegon talked with passed loved-one reader, Remote Viewer, and Seer, Rick Waid. He is the author of “Awakening of a Seer,” and “My Paranormal Journey, One Man’s Obsession.” He agreed to tell us about his ability to “See”, his paranormal work and remote viewing. 


Rick relates his story began when he began watching Ghost Hunters on T.V. He was so intrigued with the paranormal phenomena that they captured on their electronic equipment, he felt compelled to do try it himself. He shared with us that on one of his first investigations; when he, his son and son-in-law went to investigate a locked and boarded up firehouse at the end of their street, they soon encountered some paranormal activity. Walking around the perimeter of the dark and gloomy structure, they discovered a shutter door open. Rick, following the example of “Ghost Hunters,” he tried to contact any spirits that were in the house by calling out to them. Suddenly the door shut on its own; seemingly in answer to him. Later on in their investigation, another door unaccountably opened up on its own. This chilling encounter made him a firm believer in ghosts and the paranormal. He soon got the strong urge to investigate other sites as well as share his evidence of the reality of ghosts and spirits with others. He often visits places that are reputed to be haunted or goes to crash sites in order to communicate with those who had passed away. With the purchase of an EVP device to record the spirit voices; his skills progressed. He began recording these spirit voices, often while leaving this device in old houses and buildings. He was amazed at what it picked up; sounds of discarnate spirits walking, snippets of their conversations, and doors slamming; all without any living person being present at the time. waid booksRick Waid on Facebook

He relates that ever since having Bell’s palsy as a child, he has been able to hear a different frequency in his left ear than the right one. This enables him to hear things than no one else could hear. What others heard as static; he hears as voices. After doing the ghost-hunting for a while, an incident occurred that affected him profoundly, making him question what he was doing. He recounts that his car was stuck in a ditch and was helped by a stranger who handed him a religious pamphlet. He felt this was a sign that he shouldn’t be doing the ghost hunting. After that he felt a strong desire to focus his talents on something that would benefit others. Thus began his journey as a Seer, receiving his spiritual revelation visually, with things and events in the unseen or spirit realm being revealed to him both visually as well as audibly.
He then began going to reputed haunted buildings, and recording premonitions. He didn’t realize that what he was actually “remote viewing” or being able to perceive and describe information about a person, place or object from a distance or from a different time; either from the past or future.




In time, with this ability, he now had the ability to give passed loves ones readings as well as well as assisting with missing persons; with information he feels comes from the spirit guides of those who have passed on . As an empath he actually feels physically what the loved one had experienced throughout their live and even just before death or how they died. This journey has taken some time but slowly over time his gift to help people connect with their loved ones who have passed on has greatly amplified. He credits his strong belief system in a higher power with this ability. It was a genuine pleasure to meet Rick Waid. It is commendable that Rick uses this innate gift in order to give comfort and support to those still on this plane to know they are still with us, even though in the spirit form. This is the last episode until after the New Year, so Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2021!  You can visit Rick Waid's website by clicking below.

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