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We've been so lucky this year to be able to showcase the incredible talents of our area young people.  With the state of affairs, their hard work over years and years building up to their chance to shine in front of a crowd has dwindled a little but just because the auditoriums can't be filled with the sounds of the season, that doesn't mean that these kids shouldn't be celebrated.  In fact...if they can't be in the local auditorium, let's go all in and put them out there for the entire world to see on multiple platforms, screens of all sizes and let people watch anytime they like.  Take that COVID.  Muskegon ALWAYS finds a way!


This time, we're showcasing the multiple levels of talent found in the Reeths-Puffer School's Music Department.  You will find a variety of entertaining songs here.  Some will tough your heart, others will tickle your funny bone, because, let's be honest..out of everything we all need for Christmas, a little holiday cheer is right up there at the top of the list.  

You'll find selections from the Middle School as well as the High School up in Reeths-Puffer.  This labor of love was all put together over a couple of days pretty quickly.  The songs and videos were filmed with great care, but as we've been sharing schools presentations from around the area, and noticing more, we really felt that giving any school that chance to be seen here was important, so with the help of Deidra Ross and Regina Schalff, those individual videos all come together to form one piece and we're sure you will enjoy this.  There was even a sleepless night spent by one of them making sure the last little bit was perfect before things were wrapped up.  Speaks volumes of the dedication that our area students get from teachers huh?  It's Christmas break, in 2020, and still, teachers are staying up all night to make sure things are right for their kids. 

So, no matter where you are.  Here in Muskegon or somewhere off in the distance, please enjoy the time with our young people and please know that all of us here on the shores of Lake Michigan send the warmest wishes to you all for a Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New Year.

 Also available on demand via ROKU & Fire TV

Our many thanks to the performers, teachers, parents and community in Reeths-Puffer!  We hope you enjoyed their program and we hope too that these kids know how very important they are to our community.  We are blessed here with talent on so many levels.  Arts, Athletics, Academics and more...Muskegon's future is in good hands and that's why we believe so much in showcasing young people.

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R-PMS Choirs: Night of Silence. (RPI Directors: Jonny Lawton & Katie Clifton. R-PMS Directors: Deidra Ross, Jonny Lawton & Regina Schlaff. Accompanist: Renee Carpenter. Videographer/Editing: Randy Ross

8th Grade Treble Choir under the direction of Regina Schlaff, accompaniment Lisa Ziemelis

Intermediate & Middle School Choirs (5-8). A fun take on "Holiday Road" from the Christmas Vacation Movie...2020 edition! (RPI Directors: Jonny Lawton & Katie Clifton. R-PMS Directors: Deidra Ross, Jonny Lawton, Regina Schlaff

Musical Collab between our 7/8 Choirs, HS Madrigal Singers & HS Band. (MS Directors: Deidra Ross, Jonny Lawton, Regina Schlaff. Madrigal Director: Regina Schlaff. HS Band: Sean Harris, Brian Olian & Rich Erne. The Video was done by Phil DeYoung