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If you've spent any time in or around Downtown Muskegon and become a fan of any of the offerings of the food trucks that have been becoming more and more popular, chances are you've been able to spot the wagon that's painted up like no other with the beautiful colors, bold words and overall message of peace and love that's run by Tacitus Nana-Kwesi Yabani.  "Tac" as those who know him refer to him for short moved here from Ghana not so long ago and has since become a fixture of the Muskegon community.  His food is amazing, his character is unforgettable and he's added a little bit of the "old country" into all of our lives with a spirit that is unmistakable and inviting.  To Tac, a stranger is literally a friend he's not met yet and it shows in everything he does.  His vehicle for introductions.... FOOD!


Tac was part of the Taste of Muskegon that wasn't.  Yes, 2020 threw some curveballs, and the virtual Taste of Muskegon event brought together the culinary crowd in Muskegon like no other way.  Instead of gathering around in a park, they gathered around Kitchen 242 and filmed, giving each chef a chance to not only venture into the digital and broadcast world with their talents, but it also gave them each a chance to see one another at work and build some friendships and deeper relationships among colleagues along the way.  

LaKisha Harris of Soul Filled Eatery invited Tacitus in to show off one of his signature dishes.  It's called Jellof Rice and in Gahanna, well, there are a few different ingredients that are not quite readily available here in the states, so a little adaptation had to come in to play.  Mostly, it's in the plants that are used to cook with.  This dish is a very good vegan option unless you add meat at the end, so trading some of the natural Ag products of Ghana for things like cabbage were small tweaks to the recipe.

Let's head to the kitchen at Soul Filled Eatery for the recipe, some stories and some fun with LaKisha and Tac while they whip up some Jellof Rice.   


Soul Filled and fun as always!  One of the best things about LaKisha and the Soul Filled Eatery if you have not gathered just yet, she's all about helping others grow as she does.  What started out as a group of strangers waiting to be filmed to "kinda fill in" for a festival that was cancelled due to a pandemic that was beyond the control of anyone, has turned into a culinary movement in Muskegon that stands right up to all of the other amazing things happening.  Yes, big buildings are going up.  Sure, new housing is moving right along.  Chances are in a short time, we'll see a bright new attraction right out on the edge of town...but if you look even harder, what's really amazing is how the people are coming togeher in the midst of it all.  While our community grows, it's also getting a little smaller...a little closer and a little more in touch with each other.  So, while LaKisha is bringing some great things to eat, she's also making sure that we know who else has the goods!  She's building a Soul Filled community!  To us, that's one of the biggest wins 2020 could ever have given us.  

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