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We're back in the new hot spot for warm comfort food in Muskegon Heights, Soul Filled Eatery with Chef LaKisha Harris and today, it's going to be an amazing combo with a little assistance from her assistant and incredible chef in her own right LaToya Blackshire.


Latoya helps pitch in at Soul Filled but she comes from Tasty T's Cuisine which was her own catering business and one of the most incredible things you'll see here, is how these food artists share their passion for cooking, flavor and all things mouthwatering and edible.  Not to mention, that they add in a lot of "buddy" fun with a little picking on each other through the show and they are also a great example of mutual respect and admiration.  As LaKisha has done from the beginning, she's showing once again that so much of any intellect in the culinary world comes from the years spent learning it from family and, yes even friends and competitors.  Food is and expressive art as much as it is a life essential and in today's show, you'll see it all come together.

On the menu?  Why yes, thanks for asking.  It's a stuffed chicken breast complimented by some garlic mashed potatoes and seared fresh brussels sprouts!  Let's head to the kitchen at Soul Filled and see how it's done with a lot of fun and love going into the recipe!


Easy, delicious and as mentioned, under $20 bucks!!  LaKishsa takes such pride in all she does in the kitchen and the community and it's catching on....like quick!  When we filmed, she had been at Soul Filled since before 5am because she was taking care of some big lunch catering orders that had to get out the door!  Catering, daily lunch and dinner service, time to show you how it's all done and also lift up the colleagues she's got in the culinary business.  We're blessed to have LaKaisha be a part of our work and our community!  To take a look at the menu at Soul Filled, click on the photo below!  Stick around too!  Won't be long and LaKisha will be back to show you some AMAZING dips to make for a certain big football game coming up!

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