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LaKisha Harris is back at it in the kitchen at L'Soul Filled Eatery!  This time, with a focus on some fun coming up for everyone with a certain football game coming up.  With LaKisha, you will NOT be showing up with a bag of chips and some French onion dip you picked up at a gas station.  No way!  Follow along with the show and the ingredients listed below...and YOU will be the star of any party!


Yes, you're getting the world class food education here, but the awesome thing is, LaKisha keeps everything super simple, really on a budget and her signature move?  She's a BIG believer in making sure those around her get a chance to share the spotlight, share some stories and life experience and some real fun.  She's really grabbed on to the idea of building an empire and taking as many as she can with her!  

On this episode, we're doing a Jalapeno Popper dip as well as a Buffalo Chicken dip!  As it sometimes happens, the end product, well...someone's gotta eat it, right?  We have a connoisseur of all things snacks on the staff...we'll just leave names out, but he said that there was a nightly "mouth of fire" when he was down sneaking eats after dark.

Get yourself ready for the big game and get yourself out of the habit of boring, plain old snacking during it!  It's time to get Soul Filled with LaKisha Harris on The Muskegon Channel. 


Food and fun. That's what brings us together and if there's anyone in town who practices what she preaches, it's LaKisha Harris! Make sure you stop into Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street and try her delicious food out and help support a great local small business. Call your order in pull on up, and drive on off with the incredible flavor and experience of being Soul Filled! You can find the recipes for today's show right below the link to LaKisha's page.

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Popper Dip