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Generally, February is a first indicator that Spring is right around the corner, right?  We can all hope.  For as much of a mild winter as we've had by Michigan standards, warmth and outdoors is much needed and the idea that it's coming sooner than later, that's a good thing.  The sun is beginning to set a little later ad night and the Winter Solstice came and went while we were hardly looking.


Marie Cisneros is our feature columnist who's all about the unexplained, the paranormal and she's also been a Professional Astrologer for over 20 years and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.  When she's not investigating things in and around Muskegon for the Paranormal Muskegon column she usually contributes, she applies her know how to make some predictions for those who like to know a little more of what might be in store for them.  Some take it seriously, others think it's an entertaining way to see if anything comes true.  One thing is for sure, the astrological readings here..they won't cost you the dollar they used to when you bought the tiny little rolled up version out of the vending machine at a restaurant.  

Enjoy the readings for February on Muskegon By the Stars on the Muskegon Channel with Marie Cisneros.


Thank you Marie!  We hope your February is filled with grace and peace.  We're thankful you dropped by for a visit with Marie and invite you to stay tuned!  She's always digging for more with Paranormal Muskegon!