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It's a name local fans are familiar with and a name we've been proud to have join us on a Muskegon Tonight Live in the past too, Chad Flores has been working away at his career even in the "downtime" and with all that work, we thought maybe it would be time to catch up before we're all standing around saying "We knew him when...."


Chad plays a kind of country that's pretty unique being from Michigan and influenced by everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd to KISS, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blake Shelton.  But that's what it takes to make a mark in an industry that's next to impossible to get noticed in let alone find that breakthrough moment, to getting that first hit on the radio and then...you have to find some staying power.  Chad's put in in the time though.  He's been doing "dive bars" for years, he's had a few chances to share a stage with some of the bigger names and he's spent a lot of time writing and refining.  Then...COVID hit.  chad flores 3Chad Flores on Facebook

Chad really felt like all the steam he built up had fallen out of his sails, when the world stopped turning because of a virus no one could even see.  He lost quite a few major dates like most anyone else in entertainment did and to say it was a slug in the gut is an understatement.  Stop him?  Not a chance.  He kept up the "day job"  (Hey Chad...30 plus years in broadcasting....I have always had a second or third job...just FYI), he found his way to Nashville to do some recording in the professional environment that could only be found there and he also decided that with growth comes some need to hear it from those who have already made it, so he keeps a keen ear open to creative criticism and works to apply it.  It's not always the easiest thing to hear someone telling you how your art can be better, but...they know what they are talking about.  Chad's also kept writing and is working his way toward releasing an EP pretty soon which he's going to call "Muskegon".  What an incredible way to give his hometown the spotlight as he takes yet another step toward making it big in the music business.

We sat down to catch up a little.  To hear how things have been going in the budding career and some of the adventures.  We found too that there were some stories that we could swap that only those who've been around the "behind the curtains" part of the music business know.  Chad also talk about his upcoming release and his hopes of getting back out and playing live sooner than later, take a listen.  



It's a long haul and it's a lot of hard work, on top of the 80 hours a week it takes to actually "work". Chad's drive and determination is unstoppable though and that day when "We knew him when" is coming sooner than later.  Thanks to Chad for the few minutes and stay tuned for the new single when it comes along!  We'll be happy to share it with the world and see another rocket take off from Muskegon.  In the meantime, let's flash back a bit to when Chad busted out the fist single he did called "Strut" on an episode of Muskegon Tonight Live at Smash Wine Bar and Bistro in Downtown Muskegon.