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What was your first?  Was it baseball cards?  Maybe it was Star Wars that got you going?  Could it have been action figures, movies or doll collections?  Chances are as a kid, you had your hooks into something that was more valuable than gold and on the mean streets of "the playground" if you had the right card, action figure or game....YOU got to be king of the heap!  We've all got memories of what we held dear and we've all seen too how the industry has not only rebooted, it's exploded and being one of those "collector geeks" it's pretty en-vogue now more than ever before.


Let's face it.  You might still have what you had which is a great thing and you also have the opportunity to begin new with a never ending supply of items coming out both retro and new that surround everything pop culture.  From movie nostalgia to music, anime, and hit TV series, comic books and fantasy games immersion in to all things awesome is a slippery slope and some take their passion to the next level and want to share it with the masses!  Meet Don Hines!  Don is the owner of DP Comics and Collectables on Grand Haven Road in Norton Shores, and his passion began with scary movies!  So much so that DP stands for "Deadly Playthings" and as some cam in a little confused about what his store was all about, he thought the acronym "DP" might suit the casual shopper a little better and the truly engaged could learn more as they go.  Sure, there's plenty of scary movie stuff, after all...we've all got what got us into what we collect, but Don also has a HUGE selection of games, puzzles, posters, comics, figures and some incredible "show stoppers" that you just have to stop in an see.  He's got the modern stuff, yes Pokemon is still a BIG deal, DC Comics, MARVEL, MOTU, TMNT, Star Wars, Star Trek and GI Joe to Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Alien, Predator.  (Insert DEEP BREATH) Comic books you may not find elsewhere like Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, IDW, Boom Studios and an assortment of Indy comics.  If you remember it as a kid, or have gravitated to it as an adult, you have found your next in store visit at DP Comics and Collectables.  dpfbDp Comics and Collectables on Facebook

Located at 4244 Grand Haven Road and online as well, Don is happy to be bringing some of this fun to the area.  It's been hard on toy collectors as well as those who help fuel the frenzy with most all of the comic and toy conventions being dark over the last year and now, in to 2021 as well.  To those who deal and collect though, it's so much more than just the product.  It's community.  It's a chance to share stories, talk about some of their favorite parts of their attraction to their passion!  It's about connection over what made childhood so much fun or maybe it's that connection as a grown up that you can say, "I wished I had all this as a kid, now, I can chase the dream".  Speaking of dreams, it's how it all started for Don...a hobby turned into some toy shows, turned into a retail shop and an online store and down the road, who knows...Don is working his way to never working a day in his life again because he's going to be doing what he loves and spending his days with people who love what they do too!  Don is also happy to have you drop in and maybe get an idea of what something you have might be worth.  

Like we do with all of our new sponsors, we stopped in for a visit.  Meet Don and take a stroll through the store at the end of our chat.  We got some awesome clips at the end and you'll probably see something you can't live without, after all....I did.  2 more Funko's in the collection.  Here's our chat with Don.






So...what's your passion?  Do you want the one thing that eluded you as a kid?  Do you want to dominate the market on one line of toys, GI Joe, Star Wars, Nightmare on Elm Street?  Let me tell ya, it's like stopping into a comic-con right here in town and everything is a "gotta have".  It's also an awesome place for kids and think about this...incentives for good behavior or chores getting done?  Trip to DP Comics and Collectables!  Help fuel their young imaginations and future dreams with memories like you built when it was you in their shoes!  You can visit DP Comics and Collectables online by clicking below!

dp collectables