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The never ending modified events continue as we still manage to take what is near and dear to all of us in Muskegon by the horns and get stuff done.  The big gatherings filled with laughter and cheer are still working angles to fill the gaps and some have even found ways to make what they have done in the past take on a new, larger presence online with how they are extending their outreach past a ball room or event center.  It comes back to the idea that Muskegon takes care of it's own every single time and nothing or no one will get in the way.  We're all Muskegon Strong!


That being said, one of the strongest and most enduring organizations we have in town is the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce and when they set out to get the ball rolling on Dancing With the Local Stars back in 2009, everyone expected a fun event to kind of break up the Winter doldrums, what wasn't expected has been the ever evolving miracle the came along with the event.  To date, $1,239,886 has been raised to support the local food pantries in the Muskegon area.  I think it's safe to point out too that while food insecurity has always been an issue here, the last 12 months have been a harsh lesson in just how vulnerable we all are when it comes to need.  If not for ourselves, for those friends and neighbors who have been able to cloak the need in the past, but with the pandemic and all that's attached to it, they no longer could.  Hunger is a real issue in Muskegon and pride was taken out of the equation when everything stopped. DWTLSWeCANClick Here to Submit Your Dance Video

The fundraising is going on, the sponsors are all doing their part, there may not be much glitz and glamor on a dance floor this year where we see local dignitaries paired with professional dancers, BUT!!!  YOU CAN DANCE!

You can dance is the final push of all of this years festivities and it's simple.  Record your moves!  Record your kids moves!  Cut a rug to a jug band, show us your robot or maybe you're of the vintage that the Jitterbug is the thing.  However you get your groove on, record it, submit it for a couple bucks and see how you stack up against others!  What do you have to lose?  Your entry fee goes direct to the food pantries, your friends votes for $1 do too and it extends that reach we talked about a little further in a time of need!  Fun for everyone and a way that needs can be met.

Karen Mogdics is with the WDCC in Muskegon and she joined today to talk a little bit about the final 5 days people have to submit their smooth movies.  Take a listen.




So, it's on to you now! Let's see your twinkle toes moves and let's put them to use for the greater good.  In 2021, no one in the USA should be going hungry.  While we might not be able to handle the entire country, we can handle our community and we do.  Dance for some pride.  Dance for some fun and dance because you can.....and you can make a difference in the lives of someone you might never know by helping out just a little.  You can learn more about the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce by clicking below!