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Marie Cisneros is our contributor of all things that might have a hint of mystery around them.  You've seen her reports on Paranormal Muskegon and as the New Year unfolded, she has the idea to put her training to use by taking a look at the astrological forecast for the area and developed the idea for Muskegon By The Stars!  We encourage our folks to bring their passions, and in Marie's case, she even puts a little flash on top of it all!  Dressed to kill and ready to deliver, she's got what the stars are holding for you in March.  Take a listen!



Some of the things other media sources cast to the side, we're happy to pick up.  The horoscope section went the way of the Do Do Bird years ago, but it's a fun way to see what "might be" and Marie does a great job!  Stay tuned for more by way of your astrological forecast as well as Paranormal Muskegon right here, on The Muskegon Channel.