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It was a labor of love, patience, persistence and above all not giving up on finding a way for the Mona Shores Choir to not be robbed of their "moment" in all that's been the COVID mess that's been going on for over a year now.  The title of the show spoke volumes as the lights dimmed and the fist notes were sung and a "Ripple of Hope" played out in the Mona Shores Athletic Center which is a considerably different setting than the tallest Singing Christmas Tree in America, but what unfolded.....well, it was a "humble, yet victorious" performance and the setting was stunning minus the normal stretch to the ceiling at the Frauenthal Center at Christmas.


 Also available on our Fire TV & ROKU channels

As the show unfolded, it was streamed live here on The Muskegon Channel and shown locally on Channel 96 in Muskegon.  Nationally, Michigan, Ohio, California, Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, New York and Tennessee.  Around the globe?  Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Norway, Argentina, Australia, Germany and Denmark were all in early and the numbers of viewers went up steadily the entire time.  The wait, the frustration the anguish and tears all subsided and the gift coming out of Norton Shores to the rest of the world was intimately on point as we're starting to round the corner on all that we've been through.  We truly are at a point where there's a "Ripple of Hope" and these young voices help celebrate that.

If you missed the show, it's not a problem.  It's here on demand and you can find it too on The Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.  Just do a search for The Muskegon Channel in your channel store and add it to you app list.  You can enjoy the performance on your big screen that way with the full effect of the incredible sound and lighting that made the evenings statement so strong.  During the show, you are going to often see the word "HOPE" in big bold letters behind the choir and it resonates so far past one word.  It's hope on a level that all we've endured is almost over.  It's hope that in our lifetime, we never have to do endure this again and finally, it's our hope that you enjoy the hard work and dedication of the Mona Shores Choirs under the direction of Shawn Lawton and JaiLynn Petrie.