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After a short hiatus, Paranormal Muskegon is back and for our first segment of the year, we visited with Wayne Thomas. Wayne is a producer and host for Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters on “The Whole Picture” Podcast, writer for WKTV Journal and podcaster for Cryptic Frequencies. Wayne was kind enough to have me as a guest on both his shows, so we had a chance to catch up a bit as well as talk about all things paranormal.


Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters and Cryptic Frequencies are both done bi-weekly and have a similar format but like many others who are used to doing live shows; they have now switched to the zoom format. Wayne says has actually worked out quite well as it has opened up a wider range of quests; having recently had the opportunity to interview a guest from the United Kingdom. There are plans to do another show with a guest in Canada in the near future. Between the two shows; they have pretty much have covered all of the mysterious “ologies”, including cryptology, demonology, and parapsychology. Wayne joked that they covered three when they interviewed me: Astrology, numerology, and ufology. Well it does save time.

Wayne shared how he got interested in anything “Spooky, Weird, or Strange.” He said it all started at the tender age of five at his grandpa’s knee; who was also a ghost hunter. Guess it is true what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree. When he first wanted to know about ghosts, his grandma told him, “go talk to grandpa about ghost-hunting” who did tell him all about them; including how to talk to them. His grandfather was a hands-on type of ghost-hunter; going to places that were said to be haunted, following the spirit to find them; which occasionally lead him to where tragic events had occurred and where he actually dug up the bones of the deceased. His grandfather also told him that ghosts are quite shy and actually are more afraid of us than we are of them. Wayne another thing his told him was to always keep an open mind; even to such things as vampires. When asked who would be the one person he would like to interview on his show; he said that would have to be his grandfather because he was the “real McCoy” in the field of ghost-hunting. He would also love to tell him about some of the work he has done in his over eight plus years as a ghost-hunter. Wayne says it would take a really special case to get him out in the field ghost-hunting again.

Wayne says in addition to being coached by his grandfather on how to find and deal with ghosts, he also researched the field extensively before forming Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters. Wayne talked a little bit about some of his earlier ghost-hunting experiences. He said before going into a haunted house, he says protection prayers but luckily has never really been frightened by anything spooky, weird, or strange; although he did have an incident with a cat on one of his investigations; which proved to be more humorous than frightening. In another incident, he heard a child’s voice coming through on the EVP saying, “mommy I’m scared.” Even hearing about it gave me the chills. He says he will smudge and bless for those who want to get rid of a spirit who may be causing problems in the home. 

We talked a bit about why there is an increase in the interest in the paranormal as of late. He says that possibly these things challenge people’s belief systems but that also people may be becoming more open to the idea of ghosts and the like. He says that also with the easy access to video cameras that things are being recorded that defy explanation. Stories of ghosts have always been with us but now more people are willing to share their stories. Wayne feels that based on some of the things his guests have told him on his show, some form of “disclosure” will happen soon within the next year or two and that there is plenty of evidence out there that will show things such as bigfoot, aliens, and ghosts are a real phenomenon. So those of us that like to know about all things “spooky, weird, or strange” we might soon find out whether it was the cat knocking thing off the counter in the middle of the night or if in fact we have a ghost; or an alien, or bigfoot lurking about blaming things on the cat. Only time will tell if disclosure will come to pass but I think it would be quite fascinating to know for sure, wouldn’t you?

You can check out his podcasts at Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters on WKTV or on Facebook and Cryptic Frequencies at Spiritual Voices Across the Golden Veil. His show is available on Spotify, WKTV Journal, Apple. He even has a Facebook group by that name.